Kenny Roger’s @ 1 Utama

Well.. Yesterday’s E&G was such a repeat of Wednesday’s cos the other tutorial groups haven’t heard what was said on wed. Plus some new theories = boring

But thankfully, class ended early, and i got to meet up with Sam at 1 Utama..

Since she was craving for cheese, we headed to Kenny Roger’s..

Lots of customers = bad service.

Our food took ages to come.. though it’s actually just dumping the sides onto the plate, and the roast chicken. yet it took a while. i actually saw the table behind us who came later, got the food first. =.=


I got the round up platter (RM8.50)

I didn’t really feel like having chicken. now i realise that it’s quite pricy considering the side dishes are not grand or anything. Anyway, i chose parsley potato salad (i’m having a potato addiction lately), mac & cheese and corn & carrot.

Nom nom nom!! Mac and cheese was warm, thus i think it was quite fresh..

i wish the potatoes had their skins on though. It’d be nicer.


Sam got the quarter meal. i think it’s about RM13.90 or so. she didn’t say much about it though. we were too busy chatting up! 🙂


The top is the banana muffin.. so sad that the top has not browned like the vanilla muffin. and i remember them bigger. Oh well…

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 6/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Kenny Roger’s, 1 Utama


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