Food….from home

So glad today that all my three meals were either eaten at home or from home..

You do not know how difficult it is to wake up at 5.20 in the morning. i tried. i failed. i seriously do not know how i used to do it.

So instead, i decided to push my workout to the evening, and got up at 7, a tad early to make me some oats..


In a JAR! Well.. it’s kinda plastic, so i hope that i won’t die of cancer or something. Maybe i should just start using this for overnight oats only.

Anywho.. it was 3 big spoons of oat bran, and a splash of hot water (what i think is sufficient) and a dollop of honey. Topped of with Mornflake oat crunchy (Hawaiian).

Went for class, and i got in a horrible jam. Even right outside my college there was a jam. =.=

SMA- Strategic Management Accounting, taught by my fav lecturer. I like him cos he teaches at a good pace (not overly slow, not too fast) and he talks about random stuff! 🙂

But SMA seems really tough. He said the questions are tough… 😦 E&G is also tough. by the looks of the sample paper. So many theories!! It’s kinda a seen examination for E & G, so i highly think that they would have higher expectations of us. 😦

Class was from 9-12!!

After that, i could go back, but i promised Grandma i would run an errand at Tesco.

So i had a quick bite at the cafeteria of what i made in the morning.

Source: (just in case they sue me or something, i’m advocating the eating of this bread cos it’s yum, and so healthy! )

2 slices of breakthru bread, sandwiching some..

Pork floss. I think it’s pork. Grandma would not buy chicken. Or i may be wrong. Oh well.

Just remember, don’t toast your bread unless you want to eat it immediately. it becomes chewy and impossible to bite.

Headed to tesco and blew RM121.. well RM60 was reimbursed though. I seriously do not know what made the bill so high..

Anyway, came home, and had a coffee, and a nibble of snacks before working out..

Ran, sat up, lunged, weighted..

Decided to cook for dinner, but i didn’t know gramps would want some.


Wasn’t intending to make an omelet, but i did for gramps.

On the left is a mixture of roasted brinjals, taters and onions. Gramps didn’t really like it, but in the first place, they don’t like alot of things..

Recipe: Taters and brinjals

  • 1 med. eggplant
  • 1 potato (washed, unpeeled)
  • one yellow onion
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • oregano
  • S&P
  • oo
  1. Slice the egg plant into 1/2 inch slices in order to place some salt on it and draw out the water..
  2. cube the egg plant and potatoes
  3. Slice the onions.
  4. Toss everything together (s n p and oregano to taste)
  5. Place it in a 175 degree oven for half an hour.

It actually tastes quite good. Maybe if you toss in some tomatoes, it’d be brilliant. i finished maybe 3/4 of it.. yum!!! i’d def make it again!!!

Didn’t have any dessert after dinner cos i was stuffed!!!!

Did some revising and panicking!

Cos i’m wondering now if i had chosen the right course. I can’t imagine me leading such a boring life, doing accounting (if not accounting, somewhere along that line) every day! so sickening. plus, if in an audit firm.. 1am 2am work days?

Now i wonder.. have i chosen the right path? or should i have chosen..economics.. or even culinary.. sigh…

but no turning back..i’m in Year 3!!!!!!


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