Leo’s SS2

I thought of working out yesterday morning, but totally couldn’t wake up.. so my so called workout was changed to toilet cleaning.. which was very much needed anyway.

Breakfast was


Kenyan coffee (Tesco brand, cos i can’t afford any other). along with a Extra Healthy Toast from Patisfrance, topped with Skippy Honey Roasted PB.

Believe me, this toast is HEALTHY! lol. i mean. you can even taste the healthiness. in other words, it’s kinda bland, but topped with PB, it’s not too bad.

Washed the toiled. checked.

Headed to my first class of Ethics and Governance. Apparently, my lecturer totally didn’t expect that we would attend cos he thought tutorials only start in week 2. So he was like, “since you guys are here….”. .sigh. so we ended early and waited for dear to pick me to see his bro.

Had lunch at Leo’s @ SS2, though it’s a bad idea to go to SS2 when you don’t have the patience to find a parking space.

I wanted something small.. so i ordered Junior Fish and Chips. RM5.90


Bigger than i thought. but not enough fries. Plus, i think they’ve used the oil like a million times before cos it was really brown. (I placed my fish on a tissue paper. 😉 )

I also god a Leo’s Coffee which dear’s bro recommended. RM2.90


It was better than i expected. Quite good.. but the cup was REALLY small. they also have cappuccino, but for the price, i’d rather head to Starbucks.

Dear ordered some chicken rice thing..


it was a set with drinks. about RM5.90. Quite worth it.

This place used to have gelato, but i think they stopped it already. Didn’t see any. Would i come back here? Maybe cos the price is quite reasonable.

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Leo’s SS2, 61-9, Grd Flr, Jln SS2/75, 47300 PJ | Tel: 03 7875 2978

By the time we got home, it was almost 3. While dear took a nap, i did some random stuff and prepped some dinner for him..


Stir-fried brussel sprouts. (yes, i know i just had them yesterday. but since it was in the fridge….)

For the sauce in the stir-fry, i eyeballed:

  • fish sauce
  • oyster sauce
  • sesame oil
  • cooking wine
  • chicken stock granule
  • salt

I tossed in some pacific clam, but they were bad, so we didn’t eat any..

I promise you, under that pile of fries, there is fish there!

I pan-fried a small piece of dory fish which i marinated for 20 mins with oregano, oo, and s&P

I had a nibble of here and there.. cos i knew gramps wanted me to tag along for dinner..

if you call it dinner though.. cos we ended up at Tin Pan Gor Gor at Kepong.

i had peanut sweet soup with sweet taters.


nom nom nom! so filling!! maybe i’ll just order sweet taters next time like Grandma. 🙂

That’s all for my Tuesday. So sad.. noone to hug me at night.


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