Some good ol’ cheerios to cheer me and my body up as i was totally kinda upset that i couldn’t bring myself to wake up and work out. Totally was out of touch with getting up and functioning well. i used to be able to. not anymore.

Doomsday! I don’t want to go back to college. i miss holidays. and i fear UMP (undergraduate project)

Sigh.. 10am was a briefing about what we’re going to face this year. The first day, and one of my lecturers (a lecturer i dislike) was absent.

This sem i’m taking:

  • Financial Management
  • Ethics and Governance
  • UMP
  • Strategic management accounting

Sigh. all sounds scary.

oh well. after the briefing, met up with pik san for lunch at KFC, but i had my own


i would call this….salmon dog! haha! I used a salmon sausage, nuked it (i was lazy) and place it in a butter roll (sliced it in half). nom nom nom..

Went back for my first Financial Management class.

Lectured by a lecturer who taught me before, and she was kind enough to let us off early! yay!

First day didn’t go too bad after all. but i still miss my hols.

I’m off to workout the workout i was supposed to workout this morning. get it?


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