Day before doomsday

Why, you may ask, is 24th Jan 2010 Doomsday? It’s the day before 25th Jan.. and 25th Jan is doomsday. it is doomsday because YEAR 3 of my degree starts!!!!!!!!!

Sigh.. 2 weeks is WAY to short for holiday… but i have no choice. I can’t rewind, or demand for longer hols. i just have to bear with it..

Sunday’s eats were pretty normal. I was supposed to workout after my breakfast of half a walnut and oat tart from John King


However, Akak Jack dropped by (not knowing Akak Jean was gonna do the same) to see Grandma. So i kinda hung around too long chatting, so missed my workout as they said they wanted to head out for lunch when i wanted to workout.

We headed to Teh Tarik Place for lunch since Grandma suggested 1 Utama.. Bad decision as it was a Sunday but Thank God we found a parking lot!!!!


i got 2 plates of vege RM2 each. A sambal brinjal- i heart this. Very delish and well cooked. And some beans which were kinda spicy and undercooked to me. i think i like beans which are softer.


Gramps shared a mee goreng, which would’ve been better if it was spicier, but we had to request for no chilli for the sake of grandma’s tums.

After lunch, me and Akak Jack walked around and she bought me 5 pieces of clothes for CNY from Kitschen!! Yay. CNY clothes, checked! Thanks Akak!!!

Met up with Akak Jean and had drinks at Little Cravings and we went back home.

I was contemplating if i should workout, and eventually, decided to do so.. Happy that i did too!

Dinner was @ Pappa Rich since Akaks gave us some cash to have a nice decent dinner..


Ipoh Kuey Teow with chicken and prawn which tasted better than i expected. I normally dislike this dish, but it turned out that the soup was quite tasty..


i had half boiled eggs as i figured it’s be good as my body would be having a high-absorption rate after the workout + protein=good for muscles!!

Came home and had an orange. i’m trying to go for a fruit a day. but i still realise i REALLY LACK of vege in my diet.

Finished another half season of the Mentalist. So sad. no more mentalist. no more one tree hill..

but i have twilight book and harper’s island waiting!


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