Andy’s @ Bandar Menjalara

I’ll update about Saturday’s lunch and bfast when i get the pics. kinda left it in dear’s phone.

Anyway, me and dear met up with gramps and aunt after mass at Andy’s @ Bandar Menjalara.

This is supposedly a portion for 2, but it’s huge. Quiet good and fragrant fried rice. Love the little shrimps!!!

Marmite chicken-you will like this if you like marmite. THough i’m not fond of marmite, i like the bater the fried the chicken in + it has no skin!

My portion of Salted Vege and Tofu soup. Quite good.. not too sour, and just nice.

Hokkien Mee-homemade noodles. Not really noticeable that it’s homemade though. Flavour was there, but i guess lack of pork lard makes a difference.

This is the reason i came here!! haha! but this fish disappointed me abit today. I think they got mixed up with the flavouring of the egg floss and fish batter. The egg floss was too salty while the fish had not enough flavour.. 😦

Overall, foods ok, but i guess the fish disappointed me abit today.

Andy’s: No.42 & 44, Jalan 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Menjalara, 52200, KL. 03-6275 9951


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