Achieving a Sunny Side up

Today, i cooked dinner since we were going for a charismatic meeting at church.

And for the first time ever, i achieved cracking 2 eggs perfectly without destroying the yolk into a pan, and frying it without getting it stuck to the pan, and transferring it out without breaking the yolk to a plate!!!!!


YAY! I’m so proud of myself!!

Made some frozen fries.. Talley’s instead of simplot.

i heart thicker fries..


baking at 230*. Apparently, it’s good to leave the door ajar the last five mins of cooking to make it crispier-though i don’t know why! But these were quite good. “Fleshier” than simplot, and not as easy to dry out.

Also made a cheese and ham sandwich for the fam-but gramma claimed she was too full and grampa ate half.. They really dislike eating at home.. either that or i’m a bad cook.


I kinda left dear’s sandwich in the sandwich maker too long.. so the cheese kinda oozed out..


He was craving for some! I gave him a shirt!! He’s so adorable. look at his expression!!!

Ok..i’m off now…

See ya soon!


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