Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid

What a change of plans today!

Me and sam met up at pyramid to catch a movie before meeting Rakel for dinner..

But all the movies were like at odd times, we either missed them, or it was too late like 520pm, and we wanted to watch Did You hear about the morgans? (i know, we’re kinda behind )

So we walked around from 3 till 516pm… now i know why my knees hurt!!

Anyway, then just as i was about to sit down with my Honey orange latte from Starbucks

Ok.. it didn’t look as great as this of course, no whip, low fat, and in a to-go cup..

Rachel texted! her car was in the workshop, thus she was unable to make it.. and looking at the time.. if we could speed walk to the theatre. and there was no lines.. we get to miss the ads and be in time for the show!

And we were- though i had to hide my very hot latte in my bag..

Verdict about the latte: It was… weird.. lol.. honey orange and coffee? Orange and choc.. i’ve heard. coffee and orange.. maybe some people like it, but i don’t. i miss the toffee nut latte though..

(Become a fan at their FB pg)

The show was hilarious. I mean, totally funnier than i expected!! I loved the part where Hugh Grant was fighting with the bear. Anyway, considering  how funny it was, i think dear would’ve liked it too though he hates romance/chic flicks.

After the show, we hit up Sakae Sushi for dinner! Surprised that Sam was CRAVING for sushi cos the last i knew, she hated sushi.. Transformed! Yay cos then we can enjoy it TOGETHER!

I didn’t take ALL The pics.. but i took some..


Sam got this unagi sushi, i think that’s crabstick, and one soft shell crab crepe. i had the soft shell crab crepe too, but it wasn’t like fresh.. i mean, it was soft-ish already. 😦


I also had an ura maki.. yum! Always love the silky salmon outside and the crunchy salmon skin inside.


Also had a kakiage (on top) which was a tad disappointing with this branch as the one utama’s branch’s portion is maybe double?

See here.

The soft shell crab (though did not come with the crispy green sobe as illustrated), was quite good. but my only complain is that it was too oily. it didn’t look oily, but boy it was. i think i never learn my lesson with soft shell crab..

And i never learn how to avoid deep fried foods.

Sigh.. Sam got a couple more conveyor belt plates..

And that totaled up the bill to RM62..

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10

(I thought the design of this branch is nicer than the 1u/curve branches)

Sakae Sushi, Sunway pyramid

We went for a bit of grocery shopping.. and that’s the last i see of sam….until next week!


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