Ham and Cheese sandwich

This morning, cereal was the answer..


3/4 cup filled with 1/3 cup of all-bran buds and the rest with Yoghurt Burst Cheerios! 1/2 cup HL Milk. (I realised F&N milk has sucrose 0.0 no wonder it’s sweetish and delish)

Was planning for a workout after my morning joe, but after blogging abit, i decided to head to mid valley before the jam and parking is taken up!

But boy, was i wrong.. near my house, it was so jammed up cos of some idiot lorry which was uber long and finding difficulty to enter some place..

And reaching mid valley, there was no parking. i easily made 10 rounds! But thank God, i finally found one when i was about to go to the next level..

Collected a gift from Origins, which was kinda disappointing. I thought it was facial product, but turned out to be a body product for sleepless nights. =.=

Walked around.. Had my first go at San Francisco coffee


It ain’t easy taking a pic while walking and pretending you’re not taking a pic.

I think it’s called carmel by the sea.. or something like that. I had a completed card of drinks, so i got this for free! It’s large, choc with caramel + coffee. It was good, but i taste more choc than caramel.

Walked around some more, i thought of eating at Mid Valley. but everything there was so expensive.. plus, i didn’t know WHAT to eat. and the LARGE coffee made me full!

So i drove home.. and made a Ham and cheese sandwich!!

  • 2 slices of ‘Healthier Loaf” from Tong Kee
  • Farm’s best deli meat
  • 1 slice kraft cheese

put it together (need i explain how?) into a sandwich maker..



I totally don’t regret lunch @ home!


And a jasmine Tea on the side.

Gosh.. i know i lack vege, but i def feel that it’s healthier than eating outside (which i’ve been doing too often)

Nom nom nom! Had maybe 8 cashews too!

And a 45 min episode of Mentalist!!!

Off to workout!! After some digesting.. 🙂


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