Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

There’s been alot of hype among the blogosphere about Betty’s midwest kitchen in aman Suria.


The Nomad Gourmand



And many others i need not type as you may just google it. 😉

Anyway, me and dear decided to head there for lunch, and as predicted, it was packed-well, almost.. we were there by 1 ish, and there were a few people leaving.. phew~

But once we were seated, and another huge party, i think it became full house-except outside seats.. it was a HOT day!

The menu was nice, and the waitress immediately recommended the Classic Meatloaf for first timers like us. But that was already what i was gonna order as i read that it was quite good!

We got 2 Fresh Lemonades (RM2.50 each)


Tangy, but not so sour that you would squint your eyes, but sweet enough not to kill you with diabetes. In other words, it was good lemonade. and not made from powder whatsoever.

The first to come was dear’s pulled pork burger (RM12)


Let me first comment about the fries.. I love these thick cut fries. ok.. i don’t know if it was frozen of fresh, what ever it is, i love it! So sad i can’t find any frozen thick cut ones in the supermarkets.


i’m gonna talk about this burger from MY point of view, cos sometimes, i think dear just likes food from bintulu, and has a prejudice about everything HERE! =.=

Anyway, the burger buns toasted, with pork shreds in between and gravy! The gravy was good and the pork was really soft! Quite good..


Here we go! The famous classic meatloaf (RM15). A decent portion. I love the mash cos it was delish on its own! The peas were ok-just normal.. kinda on the bland side. they ARE peas after all.. The onion relish was good-but i wish i had more.

Now to the meatloaf-i gave dear one.. It’s actually made out of pork, though i normally thought it was made out of beef. It was very moist and juicy. though i wish i had the corner portion 😉 On the top i think was something like bbq sauce. Quite good! The loaf should SOOOO be eaten with the side of sauce given (not pictured). cos it just makes it so much better!

I was tempted to order more fries/apple crumble, but i don’t think we could have finished it (but maybe my gluttony could).

Overall, the food is great, and although it was packed, the food came reasonably fast! price is ok, cheaper than your TGIF!They charge service charge though =.= I kinda have a thing against it cos it doesn’t go to the workers’ pay. And ironically, it’s the higher class and more expensive places charging it. When the food already costs a bomb (i.e., Roma’s, TGI, Hotels.. you know the drill)

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Service: 8/10 | Ambience: 8/10

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, America on a plate

A-G-40 Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301, PJ | 03 7880 0196

Maybe you should think of making reservations cos it gets quite packed.


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