Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

Me and dear went to church alone yesterday. Grandma wasn’t up to it. so we met akak Jean, Carol and gramps at Restoran Wei Yip @ Aman Suria.. where we went last week..

I kinda am fond of this place, cos it’s home cooking at its best.. but the prices.. nope.. i’m not fond of that. lol..

Sometimes i wonder why i go out to eat when i can eat at home.

  1. gramps think i don’t eat well/enough at home
  2. no dishwasher
  3. going out sometimes seems so tempting

Anyway, back to food..


Claypot pork with mushrooms and dried beancurd. Grampa liked this alot cos the meat was the way he liked it and beancurd and mushrooms are his fav foods. I thought the pork was tender, but a tad too fatty for me.


Chicken with pumpkin and taters. i liked this. the sauce was really good though it would have been better if it was thicker.


Asam fish– same thing last  week.

i heart brinjals. too bad they don’t have a brinjal dish besides this asam fish. i ate 2 of the fishies’ heads.. :p


Fried egg with pickled radish. This was a favourite! First time ordering, but we saw almost all the tables ordering this. Sometimes thinking RM10 is soo not worth it for EGGS.. but do you think you can remake this at home? The eggs were so fluffy and fragrant!


Claypot spinach soup– normal. i still like their kangkung belachan more


pork with some preserved vege. This was okay.. it was spicy and sourish.. not a fav for me but the family kinda liked it.

The bill came up to RM81.80 including drinks. kinda pricy for me cos i think if you call it home-cooked.. shouldn’t it be cheaper? And i think they should switch on ALL the aircons instead of one.. cos we were sweating!! And they should have non-smoking areas. the guy was smoking next to us, and the smoke was headed our way..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Restoran Wei Yip, Aman Suria (The other end of Murni Discovery)


2 thoughts on “Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

  1. Their food is lousy, not fresh, overpriced and service is terrible. I made 1 visit for lunch, and 1 visit for dinner. Gosh did i regret it. Only good thing is got pretty girl picture on their billboard, ahah. Other than that, this shop is hopeless

  2. Blogger, u actually tried this place twice ah?? Tried once already damn terrible le. Went there for lunch with buddies, food quality not there la.. overpriced some more and not fresh. The chef really sucks.
    Mother went there for dinner, came back also with bad comment on the dishes. How la this people can open shop.

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