Breakfast @ KFC

I totally would’ve loved eating at home today. i don’t mind eating at home ALL the time, frankly, maybe except special occassions.

So.. although i was just craving for some oats or cereal for breakfast, dear was sick of it.. and i thought, i might as well go along with him since he ate at home most of the time.

We decided to go to KFC..

Reaching the counter, i was lost at what to order. Dear got his fav twister.. and i told him i’ll go home to eat something as we were going somewhere special for lunch..


KFC sausage twister (I don’t see no hashbrowns though..)

he felt bad.. so when i was talking about thinking about KFC chicken the night before.. he went to ask the cashier if there was just a set with one drumstick! There was!! How sweet of him..

Jr Breakfast set..


Chicken was supposedly hot n spicy.. but it ain’t.. i got TEMPTED and ate some of the skin.. shared the fries with dear. I realised the chicken is not that flavourful on the inside.. i know now why i prefer eating at home. we marinate the chicken overnight, and it tastes so great.. sigh..

Oh well.. so much for being healthy.. =.=


One thought on “Breakfast @ KFC

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