Mornflake oat crunchy

I bought some new granola yesterday to have with oatmeal. i can never eat oatmeal without crunch. it’s like a necessity..

I was incredibly tempted to buy Oat clusters from Post


i decided to try something new and a tad cheaper.. post is RM14 something

Mornflake Hawaiian oat crunchy (RM9.99)

Other types/flavours:



I still like my oat clusters from post though..


Overnight oats : 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup cranberry jelly (ran out of yoghurt)

Cranberry jelly doesn’t work. the oats don’t absorb much. so i had to nuke it for a bit. the oats didn’t expand much, but i still ate it cos me likey the cranberry jelly and granola!

Helped akak jean bathe max this morning.


before bathing.. so stinky.. look closely! you can se his tongue! so cute! And the sunlight.. its like a ray! haha. i know.. i’m getting abit loopy

Anyway, i’m off to workout soon. i have mentalist and a book of tomorrow (Cecilia ahern) to catchup with!)


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