Teh Tarik Place @ 1 Utama

WAS supposed to get up for a workout.. but the alarm rang.. snoozed.. and i slept. was so sleepy. i initially went to bed at about 11.. but i couldn’t really sleep and kinda tossed and turned..

So i didn’t wake up till 7 and we had to leave to the hospital to visit Grandma.


overnight oatmeal was my original choice… BUT i had no crunch to add to it.. so bought some granola to top it off tomorrow.

So breakfast of choice was Cheerios. best. cereal. ever. plus  of my daily fibre from 1/3 cup of all-bran buds.

Met grandma who is much better but kinda disappointed that her eye op had to be postponed till 11 feb, which is awfully near cny..

Left and got everything done at the hospital by 12pm..

Couldn’t decide where to eat, so i suggested Teh Tarik Place, 1 Utama, hoping to try their Roti Tisu which Akak Jean claims its nice.

but as usual, with me, i’m unlucky with food. they don’t serve Roti during 12-230 pm..

Settled on a Teh Tarik


Less sweet- at least when you ask for less sweet, it’s really less sweet.. RM2.20


I saw sambal terung, and settled on that along with a fried egg. RM1.50. which sadly was bulls eye, which i dislike.

The brinjals were surprisingly really good. I don’t see sambal, but it’s good. Sadly, it’s oily, but we still ordered another place (1 @ RM2)

Gramps shared a mee goreng, which was quite delish! no pic though. =.=

I will come back here again to have a go at the Roti Tisu.

And the service here is not bad. Last time, i came here with a bunch of friends for a group project, they actually helped us join tables though we just ordered a couple of drinks!

Food: 7/10 | Service: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Teh Tarik Place @ 1 Utama

I’m off to workout soon!


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