what’s cookin’?

Lunch was at home.. something simple i cooked cos dear was studying and prepping for his exam.


Hormel Pure foods Chinese luncheon meat. Just sliced it up and baked it at a 200 degree oven. really tasted like chinese luncheon meat. we didn’t finish all cos it was too much.. got for leftover lunches or dinners


Vege with pacific clams and abalone mushroom

Dear said i cooked it wrongly and should’ve used high heat all the way and added water last. I was terribly insulted though cos he said “i know it’s not going to be nice by the looks of it”. I mean, i know if it’s not nice, you could at least say it after you’ve tried it. i was hurt cos after slaving over cooking, well.. not slaving, but putting effort, the dish gets condemned before even a first taste.

For the seasoning, i eye balled amounts of cooking wine, fish sauce, salt and abit of chicken stock cube, and sesame oil (more is better for me)


Oven-baked breadcrumbed abalone mushroom.

Uber easy by breading it with a mixture of breadcrumbs, oregano and salt.. put on a oiled aluminum foil and toss it in an oven of 200 degrees-i did it together with the luncheon meat. Watch it till its cooked! Yum!!

Grandma’s bp is not good. it’s like 200 something. 140 is like the borderline of bad and good. and now it’s 200 something. The docs can’t explain why.. so her op has been postponed till… someday. hopefully her bp will go down soon as she’s really wanting to get this op with before her eyesight worsens.

We weren’t sure whether to visit grandma at the hosp as we weren’t sure if she was doing the op. and i just found out she isn’t cos her bp is really high. but she may have to stay there another night. 😦


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