Disappointed with Old Town

Me and dear went to Old Town for breakfast today..

Normally, i would go there and order a drink, while dear orders a food and drink.

I would prefer to eat my own food either from home, or from Tong Kee egg tart, which what i’ve done ALWAYS, considering we go there often too..

Today, though we ordered food, a waitress saw me eating the egg tart and stopped me from eating it, claiming no outside food allowed. So far i’ve come to this Old Town in Aman Puri, they’ve never stopped me. now they decide to, while i’m eating it halfway. i mean that’s my bfast for crying out loud. They could have said, next time, no outside allowed, and allow me to eat it this time around. But noo.. i guess they want me to order something to eat, considering they’re food which is not authentic and could be made at home easily, like toasts and soft boiled eggs. I mean, i could make that at home much cheaper and nicer.

What pisses me off is that they could have just let me finish it, and tell me that it’s actually not allowed. I mean, it’s like you’re stopping someone from having breakfast. What if that someone has diabetes?

I think all these no outside food and drinks policy in places are just to ensure you order more in the restaurant. Now i know why i love starbucks. I go in there to have a drink, and can have my own food. And the drinks there, when you come to think of it, is about the same price as Old Town. Old Town’s cups are so small, and they charge RM2.80. Starbucks latte is about RM9, but it’s bigger. So why go to Old Town, when you can get better service, and friendlier service at Starbucks?

The only reason i go to Old Town is cos dear won’t feel the pinch. i don’t go there for the food cos it’s all too instant. even the fried chicken used in the nasi lemak is instant. Maybe all the sauces are instant too. Even pappa rich’s food is better as things like the char kuay teow is authentic.

I understand no smoking, no pets policy. smoking will harm others. so will pets as some pets sit on the chair and dirty them. but no outside food? C’mon. Especially with loyal customers?? I think it’s not right. It’s not like we order drinks only. dear orders food all the time, sometimes even extra food!

Sigh, i think that’ll be one of my last times to Old Town. I’d rather eat somewhere, and have drinks at Pappa Rich where the coffee is better!


2 thoughts on “Disappointed with Old Town

  1. No, I totally disagree… I have tried many old town outlets and they are not like that. They allow outside foods as well. Only Aman Puri old town does not allow that… Not only that, the foods at Old Town Aman Puri is also really bad. I mean poor quality. They want to make more profit by diluting their curry. Hence their curry is almost tasteless. Their curry is too watery as compared to other old towns which are think and tasty. I can assure yoy that almost everything in that outlet sucks including their coffee and tea. You should try the same food and drink that you order at another outlet. I bet it is totally different!

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