It’s not coffee


With cheerios around, i just feel like i have to have it everyday. but i think dear’s sick of cereals for mornings, so i think i either need to buy some bread or start making oats for him. ;p

Woke up at 10! which feels so wonderful yet piggish! Been ages since i woke up so late!

Worked out after watching tv after breakfast. I’ve been really unproductive lately, but i guess that’s just how you are when you’ve just gone through an exam an know that your sem break is only 2 weeks.

I worked out at about 12! Finished doing everything by 3..


Was too lazy to whip out the frying pan, so i just had 2 pieces of multigrain roll w/PB and a persimmon. Along with a cincau milk (dear made recently with cincau (grass jelly) and Ideal evaporated milk! )

And some nuts..

I’ve been having late lunches lately due to me late workouts..

Grampa came back from his eye checkup at about 330pm.

Between dinner and then, i fit in 1 and a 1/2 movies.

Shaggy and Save the last dance 2, both which i have watched before. I’m like on a movie marathon lately.

We went out for dinner @ Hong Lim Teochew Porridge, SS2


Just simple dishes. My fav is the brinjals and tofu. Though i could do away with so much oil from the brinjals. The salted vege was sour. i don’t get it. Section 17’s one is nicer.

Hong Lim Teochew Porridge: No. 183, Jalan SS2/24, 47300, PJ

We WERE planning to go grocery shopping since grandma will be at home the next few days. she’s going for her eye op (cataract). Please pray for her! Hopefully everything’s fine.

Went home to SYTYCD! It’s Season 4! I know the winner though! Josh! But i just wish Katee could have been second place cos i heart her!

Ooo well. Dear came over at 10 ish cos he had a hard day. Hopefully he won’t have to move section which he doesn’t really like.

Meeting Mommy sam tomorrow at pyramid. yay!


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