Tony Roma’s @ Sunway Pyramid


While dear played futsal, it meant time for me to meet the girls!

Gosh, haven’t seen Rachel in ages!

And she wore a dress!!


Aww.. hehe..

Went to Tony Roma’s at Sunway Pyramid for dinner! Since sam was craving pasta. and we  had to decide quick! lol

I spotted hickory smoked salmon on the new items list, and i had to order. After all, it’s smoked salmon!!


Worth RM39.90?? Yes! Loved it. It’s totally different than the really fishy taste you often find in cooked salmon. So yummy! And the fries are awesome. So you’ve got the healthy vege, the healthy salmon, and the unhealthy fries. so 2 vs 1, i go it’s quite healthy.

The salmon was grilled till it had some crispy parts outside!


Rachel got a Roma’s rack! She actually placed the butter back to let me take a pic! Thanks.


Sam ordered a chicken alfredo florentine pasta. Tony Roma’s has only 3 choices of pasta only though..

All i can say is that me dish was good. I don’t know about the rest cos i didn’t try. but this place is definitely famous for the ribs!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 8/10

Tony Roma’s, Sunway Pyramid

And though we were stuffed and our tongues took over our stomach’s and we headed to Baskin Robbin’s for ice cream!

And i had my fav Perils of pralines!

What a night of chatting about old times! I really miss it so much and hope i get to do it again! and again!!



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