Abalone Mushroom

Since dear was around, it meant that lunch was gonna be uber close to bfast.. =.=

So when we came home, we dilly dallied and soon started cooking..

Dear cooked Tofu and Hong Kong Kai Lan with pacific clams.

I made baked breadcrumbed abalone mushroom


The abalone mushroom turned out quite crispy, but dear was hoping it would dry up in the oven to become mushroom chips =.=

The mushrooms were yummy..

Mixed them up with olive oil, salt and oregano

Dipped it in egg and breadcrumbed it with breadcrumbs, oregano and salt.

Baked in a 200 degree oven till golden brown! (Baked it on a foil, and remember to spray the foil with cooking spray..i  didn’t and some got stuck to it! )

Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic while dear studied.. time seemed to fly by cos we woke up quite late!


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