Mini Curry Puff from Tong Kee

Gosh.. we slept only at 2 something last night cos we were up watching The Island. Apparently, it’s starring Ewan McGregor, but really doesn’t look like him. But quite a good show though i fell asleep for a bit cos i was really sleepy. Stayed up with dear cos he couldn’t fall asleep.

This morning, we woke up at about 930am, though granda did shout for us cos our Astro remote was spoilt. =.=

Breakfast was at Old Town.


I had my Nanyang Kopi C RM3.50

Dear had Nissin noodles and i walked over to Tong Kee for egg tarts!


A mini and a big one. and the other one which is not an egg tart is a mini curry puff! Quite nice. RM1.

I like it cos it’s made using the puff pastry. very different and delish. but i think there’s pork lard inside too. No chicken though. Mostly onions and taters. but real good!

Nom nom nom..

Just came back. Lunch will be at home and i’ll be meeting mommy sam and rachel later.


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