Soft Shell Crab @ Murni, Sunwaymas

This is a random review since i went to Murni Sunwaymas on one of my exam days (non-blogging days).

Not many people, but it’s still sad that they only have one waiter. The rest won’t take orders from you besides the boss.

I heard from Pik San that they have soft shell crab there, so i was eager to compare it with the SS2 one..

Grampa ordered a Mamak Mee goreng..RM4


We had to return the first one cos it was too spicy though grampa mentioned he doesn’t want it spicy. Kindly enough, they did change it for us.

It was quite nice, but personally, i would have liked it spicy. 😉

Gramma ordered a Roti canai, here they call it roti plain. RM1


It was quite nice. Crispy enough. But grandma likes the SS2 one more. I thought it was quite good and even more delish with their lovely sambal!! The dhal was chunky the way i like it!!!


Soft Shell Crab RM10

The menu states that it would come with fries. but mine didn’t.. so strange. then i asked the waitress, she didn’t understand me. so i didn’t mind cos the portion made up for the fries. This is much bigger than the time i had at SS2.

Verdict: It was crispy, and not AS oily as SS2 Murni’s. but still oily.. i guess to make things not oily, you need to fry it at a HIGH temp. It was a tad too salty. Otherwise, it was quite good as it was meaty. but i would recommend this for sharing as it’s quite big, and i think you would get too jelak if you eat too much deep fried food.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 8/10 | Service: 6.5/10 (lack of waiters) | Ambience: 8/10 (much better than SS2)

Murni Discovery, Sunwaymas commercial centre


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