Restoran Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

Gosh.. i’m so relieved to have a first morning without waking up and having the first thought about EXAM! It’s so over! Until my classes start again on 25th, which sucks. Year 3, here we come. Final year project-i so dread it!

Anyway, it was chore day.. was planning to run first, but i guessed i might as well get the chores done first.

Breakfast was.


Coffee and part of a carrot cake and 1/4 of a red bean and cream cheese from Patisfrance.

Akak Jean came.. and chit chatted.. till i did major cleaning upstairs

  • vacuumed the room of the home-invaded ants
  • changed the curtains
  • mopped the floor
  • hand washed clothes which needed to be hand washed
  • washed the toilet

Phew.. i think that’s all.. lol..

by that time, it was 12 pm.. wasn’t hungry, but had a honeymaid as pre-workout fuel.

Ran.. boy, it’s been a long time since i worked out. 2days is a long time for me cos of the exams.

Glad i did! But i finished by 3 cos between the honey maid and workout, there was the mentalist. 🙂

Didn’t really have lunch, but had a K Time Twist and a persimmon.


Went for mass..

And dinner @ Wei Yip @ Aman Suria.

This place, Pik San has talked about before. Has some celebrity who i do not know advertising for them. Apparently, the chef is Madam Lee. Seriously, i don’t understand why bother telling the chef’s name cos there are many madam lees around. anyway, to the food- btw, the waiters (or people who come and take your orders) are most prob the owner’s sons, are not bad looking. 😉


Chicken with pumpkin and potatoes

A very unique comfort dish not found often. I mean, where in malaysia can you find pumpkin and potatoes in a chicken dish! It’s comfort food! Usually cooked at home, and now for all the lazy buggers like us, we can get it here. It’s quite nice. Kinda like a stew, and i heart pumpkin!


Another unique dish cos it’s hardly ever heard of.. curry spare ribs. Quite good.. Grandma loved it and cleaned out the curry. But i don’t think her stomach was doing well at night, cos it has santan (coconut milk) which her stomach doesn’t handle to well


Kangkung Belachan! This was a favourite! So good and flavourful!! Yum!!! And not overly spicy like the one i had in Duck King.


Indulgent butter cream chicken. It would have been so good with mantou. But still delish on its own. Crispy. but sadly, we thought there was no skin (cos the waiter told us no skin) but there was, and i just ate them. Its tough to take the skin out, plus without the skin, it’s just not as good!! You lose the crispiness.


Assam Fish- i think it’s kembung.. I like the brinjals. And they deep fried the fish first, so it was crispy!! Yum!!!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

32 A-1, Jln PJU 1/3D Sunway mass commercial centre

Wow.. so stuffed.. but after this, we walked over to the nearby Murni.

I had a Pineapple special.. but service wasn’t so good. i think the roti canai took over 45 mins. too many people! Hope it doesn’t become like the SS2 one though.

Came home to “Management” starring Jen Aniston! Funny. but kinda boring. =.=


4 thoughts on “Restoran Wei Yip @ Aman Suria

  1. one of the worst fish head noodle i have eaten. so expensive, got my hopes high for nothing. Fish so many bones without meat, soup is full of milk only (better just give me boiled milk), base of soup also cannot make it. My girlfriend’s noodles also same case. Real con job.

    At night they operate also like blogger said, no fish head noodle though. Dishes small but expensive and SUCKS. Better go restoran88 nearby. There not fantastic but at least better, and cheaper!

  2. I ate here last week. I agree with Seemun,. this shop very lousy. I dont know how they can claim they are the best fish head noodle in town. Other dishes i ordered also lousy. Skill not there, portion small n expensive.

  3. Tried this shop, din’t taste good at all. Lunch was bad, even gave a tummy ache. Not recommended. The boss is always around, thin guy always smoking and wearing a cap, sitting around. Think he knows shit bout cooking..

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