Cheerios my world


Gosh, i think i can eat Cheerios for brekkie lunch and dinner! So good!

It kinda almost has a salty taste to it! I don’t know. Maybe it’s my imagination. But i love it. Along with some All-bran buds for some fibre! 1/3 cup 51% daily fibre. i don’t think you can get better than that.

Lingered around for a bit.

Worked out..

Uber light lunch. well. kinda if you exclude the snacks!


2 tangerines and one persimmon.


i was craving for the almost crispy egg white. yum.. you normally get that with bulls eye. but i don’t like the yolk. so i fried it for Max.

Also had the crust of this Heong Peah


And gave the inside to Max. He’s a happy dog

Watched Make it happen! Such a hot show. Hot dancing!!!!! Hot bods! I wish i had theirs..

Oh well, it’s ok to dream right?


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