Dinner @ Paddington House of Pancakes

After my last grueling exam, i went to meet Sam at 1 Utama!

Btw, just to let you know, i’m screwed for one of my papers. But i’ll think optimistic, cos that’s the way i think before i check my results. So i’ll just hope and pray.

Anyway, i’m uber glad to finally meet sam. Miss her uber so much!! And we just couldn’t stop catching up. Sam decided and i agreed, to head for dinner at Paddington house of pancakes.

It was difficult to decide what to eat. So many varieties. I was tempted by the sweet ones and the PB ones, but i settled on a spaghetti pancake. looked crispy and yum!


RM22.50. It was somewhat crispy. well.. the top one was. The spaghetti pancake is basically made out of dried italian pasta. Kinda small portion though.

Inside was some prawns and fish with creamy tomato sauce. I wish there wasn’t so much cheese, made me jelak. but otherwise it was good-but calorie laden for sure. So much for eating healthy the past week due to exams.


And this is my wonderful dear friend SAM! and mommy to the stenchies. Knew her practically since Standard one. She had a buckwheat galette, she chose a much healthier choice.

Topped with zuchinnis and red peppers, and i think cute potato cubes, which are delish.. and hidden in that pile was a piece of chicken.

All topped with Mozzarella cheese!


Food: 8/10 (great to come for different kinda food)
Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Paddington house of pancakes, 1 Utama, new wing

We chatted i think for almost an hour. We’ve grown. We talk more maturely. haha! But i sooo miss her. and she makes me wanna migrate to aussie! It sounds great!

After that we drove,  i drove, sam directed to Taipan to meet up with Ye Vonn! who’s leaving for London tomorrow. sigh, but at least we got some important catching up + updates. 😉

Met at Starbucks, where Ye Vonn kindly spent us drinks. I had a Vanilla Latte- and will try the honey orange-soon!

But hung out for awhile since grampa was calling nonstop checking up on me.

I found my way back safely. and it’s 118am and i’m here updating my blog. i guess i SHOULD sleep soon as i plan a workout tomorrow!



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