Tek Kee Noodle house @ Taipan

Dinner was at Tek Kee Noodle house @ Taipan. I’ve passed this place a few times before when i was in Taipan, it’s the block of shophouses on the side with Ah Koong Restaurant.

This place has quite alot of patrons, and seems famous for the duck.. Well, i just thought it was an high priced noodle house. lol. I guess i just don’t fancy noodles..

So i ordered peanut and chicken feet soup-RM4.50


Really fat chicken feet! haha! But lots of peanuts. I didn’t have the feet. The soup was ok, not much peanut flavour though..


Ordered a plate of Siew Pak Choy-i ate alot of it. though i did find it a tad too oily.


From Bottom clockwise from the vege

The vege (see above)

Char Siew (Barbequed pork)-this was a winner.. tasty, but sadly, though we asked for lean meat, they gave quite fatty meat.

Siew Yuk (Roasted Pork Belly)-quite nice, but not as nice as Nippy’s..

Duck-The duck was okay only. i find the sauce accompanying the duck is not thick enough and was salty side rather than the sweet

Sour and spicy vege-this was quite good! ordered two more plates-but pricey, a small plate for RM5


Well, what’s a noodle house without noodles? lol..

I didn’t try it.. but grampa finished it. So you can judge by him finishing it, it should be quite good.

The bill.. was a bomb of RM83.70.. pricy for such food..

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 7/10

No, 39-41-43, Jln USJ 9/5F, Subang Jaya, 47510, Selangor | Tel: 03-8024 8475

oh well. if you like noodles, maybe you should come here and give it a try yourself. but i like gelato.. well. i like happy beans, but it was closed, so we headed to Patisfrance for some yummy gelato!


The left flavour is new- Marron and walnut (yumm!!)

The right is called Nocillio (i think it’s wrong) but i  know it’s hazelnut flavour and it’s yummy!

So i guess gelato made my day!!


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