After watching a bit of tv, while munching on an orange


Suddenly-the lights went out!!! No electricity. Of all things, on a day when it’s so hot, and i have to study-no ELECTRICITY! I was sweating like mad!!

I called TNB, had to wait for a long time cos i was the 19th caller on hold..

And they said they’d check.. waited.. waited.. one hour passed.. I couldn’t take it, so we went out to have a drink..

I bought some Mat Toh Yau on the way to Pappa Rich.

We just had something light, but i just want to point out this.


I ordered Iced Coffee- RM3.80, Rm1 more than normal hot coffee.. I saw in the pic it was quite big, so i thought the dollar more is for a bigger cup of coffee – turns out, it’s like just for more ice in a bigger cup. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

With that said, while in Pappa Rich, dear called and told me he got on the earlier bus so i went to fetch him..

While on the way for dinner, he noticed the car was overheated-turns out the fan stopped turning. So had to turn back and go to the workshop.. sigh.. and more money burned..

Anyway, we still headed to Subang for dinner though there was a slight jam.

Had dinner at Kedai Kopi NanKing..


just some vege to vege-fy my day.. and a few bites of dear’s yin yiong..

The highlight was of course- Happy beans!!


Dear’s smoothie chin cau bowl with huge barley, pearls and green beans


My bowl with green beans, large red beans, and yam.. Nom nom nom. but i couldn’t finish it for the FIRST time!! I was just too full.. so i gave some to dear..

Happy Beans Cafe: No.46, Jln USJ 10.1E, 47600, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03 56212688

Came home, tried Bailey’s for the first time in my life! SO GOOD!! HAHA!! Dear brought back some of which his sis bought in Labuan.

Drink Baileys and eat Choc-perfect combo!!

But i think the coffee effect lingered on as i couldn’t sleep well.. plus also the fact that at 3, the electricity went out again!! I had to call them again.. and an hour later only it came back, but i was sweating by then!

Damn TNB..


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