Chicken Soup @ Anuja Mamak, Aman Puri

Please remind me that intuitive eating is important. cos i’m totally stuffed right now. and it is so not intuitive eating.

At 745pm, i asked grandma if we were going out for dinner. I should have just not asked so that i could have something small at home.. Oh well.. then she suggested Restoran Anuja-though they went there this morning.


A maggi goreng to share (Fried instant noodles) RM3.50

It was quite good but i felt it lacked enough egg and vege..


Chicken soup: RM4.20

Was quite peppery but did not have onions. which is strange cos i’ve tried a few, and they had onions. This one, though, is much thicker. Chicken was ok.


Appam Telur RM1.80

We ordered a Mee Rebus, but it was not really nice. The stall behind Yut Kee is much better.. Too much coriander this one.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 | Service: 8/10 (Kudos for the friendly owner)

Restoran Anuja NO 2-31, JALAN 1/1, DESA AMAN PURI, KEPONG, 52100 (603- 6280 4205)

I really should have stopped with the mee rebus. I ate too much kueh from the noodle.. Full of flour and it’s expanding in my tum tum now.

Dear just came.. And off to be with him!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Soup @ Anuja Mamak, Aman Puri

  1. An incident happened recently at Restaurant Anuja @ Kepong Aman Puri.

    The boss is rude to customer because of the group of 10ppl where two of them is not ordering food/drink. The boss is not happy and shout to the customer “Please get out if you don’t order anything now, you are now obstructing me doing business!”

  2. You must have been hogging on to the table for hours and hours and not ordering anything but watching TV. You shoudl have the courtesy to give space to the crowd that’s coming in. Be courteous people, dont be ignorant!!

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