Simple foods

It’s so great to get back to simple eating after all the festive foods! And i’m glad that the past few days, i could have 2 meals at home cos gramps are out from morn to afternoon-so i deal with my lunch.

After my workout-i had a bite of the yummy dessert / layered chocolate biscuits akak Jean brought..

By around 1230 i prepped my lunch.


Sorry about the presentation, when i’m cooking for myself-i just don’t care. It’s stir-fried lettuce, with garlic and some other seasonings

  • sesame oil
  • chinese cooking wine
  • soy sauce
  • chicken stock cube

Was quite good but i think i didn’t need the chicken stock cube cos the soy was salty enough.


I realised i missed eating egg white from the those kinda bulls eye egg.. but i don’t like the yolk. so i cracked two egg whites, and fried the egg yolk for max-who enjoyed it! And of course, my egg whites had some onions!

I was missing carbs..


Multigrain roll from the freezer (i think it’s too long in the freezer-tastes weird) with Skippy PB!! YUM! SAM, faster come back with my nut butters! 🙂 )

Studied till i was so bored of what i was studying.. countdown to exam-4 days (excluding the day itself)

Waited for gramps to come back.. and they took me out for dinner. Pappa Rich since Kepong, is too far according to them (but SS2 isn’t.. =.=)

Char Kuey Teow was shared between me and my grandma (yes, i ate noodles!)

Grampa had toasted bread..

And his turn to have soft boiled eggs..

Inclusive of 3 drinks, bill was RM25.50. I don’t understand why we come here- i guess there’s nothing better in Aman Puri. It’s sad..

Oh well.. got home and “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?”

I heart Katee!!

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