Savoury oats-my way

Workout was…horrible! OMG.. i was out of breath mid way of my second interval. My nose got stuffed. and i was coughing. Sigh.. DO NOT RUN WHEN YOU HAVE A FLU!

So.. i did a 20 min Les Mills body combat workout i got from the Nestle Fitnesse cereal once..

20 mins flew by but i was TIRED! phew.

After workout-a couple of nuts, and another one of the delicious biscuit layers akak Jean brought..

Studied abit..

Prepped for lunch at 1230!

I decided to try something different, though my initial plan was lazy cereal..

Savoury oats..

  1. Sauteed some onions
  2. Tossed in a 1/4 cup oats.. Fried/toasted them for awhile
  3. Splash of water
  4. Cook-boil-simmer
  5. Added soy sauce, sesame oil..
  6. Stirred in an egg
  7. Topped with some spring onions to be fancy


I know, looks kinda gross. but it was quite good. i mean, it’s a great way to use whole grains + avoid rice!

I had a side of edamame, which i laboriously took out the pods and stirred into my oats + a small handful of pine nuts for some cRunch!

Yum.. Nom nom nom.. I feel healthy!

I’m off… to study plus watch repeat of So you think you can dance! the ones showing in msia is season 4. so if i sound weird supporting katee and joshua, forgive me. no.. forgive AXN! but i don’t mind. COS I LOVE KATEE AND JOSHUA!

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