Hong Lim Teochew porridge @ SS2

Woke up with a solid 9 hours of sleep. Thankfully, Akak Jack bought me the vics. i think that helped me breathe much better. But when i woke up, i still couldn’t breathe that well.. But sore throat is much better.. i just have a cough and stuffed nose.

Brekkie was..


3/4 cup vanilla Almond Special K with 1/2 cup milk..i’m running out!

Along with some PB..

Digested.. Worked out-i’m just doing cardio lately cos i’m not feeling up to it for the rest..

Lunch was..


Some marble cake from Yut Kee (Gramps went on their own in the morning).. i had the sides and maybe 1/5th of the piece..


A small gala apple..

And a couple of nuts + Wheat thins. 

Weird lunch-i know.

Studied, lazed around.. Kept on going upstairs to cough into my pillow and blow my nose! Bad.. and i didn’t have clarinase,so i had to go and buy some during dinner.

We went to SS2 for dinner-Hong Lim Teochew porridge..

Just so you know, i don’t really like the owner there. She really likes to control.. like, i asked for an empty plate cos i didn’t want rice, she kept on saying that her people (who do not understand cantonese/english) will get the food you want. but i said i want to get it myself, and yet she didn’t want to let me, though there was a guy doing so right in front of me. In the end she just gave me cos she knew i was pissed!

Anyway, i know.. i’ve just recovered from a sore throat, but i still had quite oily things..


The left is some kinda sambal-was quite good, spicy!

The middle is i think butter chicken.. or fish.. i’m not too sure, but it was good, but too oily cos when i bit into it, oil actually oozed out..

the right is brinjals with 4 angled beans. i would have preferred the brinjal dish which this place is really good for. but it only came out when we were leaving.. 😦


Gramps had these.. i had a nibble of some too..

The bill came to about RM25.. i don’t really like the owner, but the food is good.. what can we do? lol..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 6/10 | Ambience: 6/10

Hong Lim Teochew Porridge: No. 183, Jalan SS2/24, 47300, PJ


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