Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day people, though i’ve already opened my presents on Xmas 12am! I wonder who really opens their presents on Boxing Day? I wouldn’t have the patience.

Dear got me this mini coffee pot.. Since he knows my obsession with coffee. but he didn’t know it was for iced and thought it was for hot coffee. but no worries dear, i love iced coffee too!

This is what i got from the family..


Akak Jean and Akak Carol bought me the my most favourite cereal on earth! Nothing beats Cheerios for me. I’ve one Cheerios crunch and another Strawberry yoghurt burst. Can’t wait to eat them but i’ve got to finish my cereal stash first, and stock up on milk.

Akak Carol finished her present me and dear bought her! Hagen Daz coffee ice cream.

Anyway, back to boxing day eats..

Me and dear woke up kinda late, so dear had breakfast on the go. He was heading for his flight back to Bintulu, Sarawak. Won’t get to see him until the 30th evening. And he’s working on 31st and 1st.. 😦

Went to Subang Airport-i think i almost cried when leaving him. I’m just so used to seeing him so often now.

Drove back the car.. and i had some Oat bran for brekkie!


about a 1/4 cup of oat bran with 1/2 cup of milk + water.. and half a naner..

This is my first time.. i thought it was ok.. my honey stars kinda softened cos was talking to Akak Jean before eating. The oats weren’t sweet enough.. and oat bran is very different. it’s grainier than oats. Next time, i think i want to stir in some PB, and see how it turns out!

We took Max to the vet because he has been biting at his thigh so much so that there’s small patch. He was so excited in the car! Hilarious!

Turns out its some bacteria that causes it to flare up. But everything should be fine after some antibiotics and spraying of the blue film to prevent flies. But he seems to be rubbing off the blue thing all the time!

Came home by 12! Time flies! And had a Honey maid before i ran.

I know, i’m sick, yet i ran. Boy, it wasn’t easy as i had difficulty breathing.

Lunch was at home since we weren’t planning to head out.

Just an unpictured PB and pumpkin bread (I totally forgot to snap a pic.. i think it’s cos i wasn’t feeling too well)

Studied.. lazed around..  Took a nap..

Soon it was time for church, though we did wait till the rain kinda slowed down.

Church was ok, but it was darn cold, either that or a fever was coming.

Headed to Lammeeya in Uptown Damansara for dinner with Akaks.

The menu here is more extensive than the Lammeeya in 1 Utama.

I didn’t take much pics.


Grampa had this mushroom Chee Cheong Fun..

I had a soup..


And a plate of vege. The soup was alright, quite a lot of lotur root inside..

The rest had lam mee, and gramma also tried the char kuey teow.

Overall, i think this place is OVERPRICED for such food. The food is not to say wonderful. The drinks.. juices are like RM8.80.. A cup of milo is RM5.40. It’s more expensive than McDonald’s and i think this is outright daylight robbery.

I doubt i would come here on my own again cos i don’t really care for their food.. And they brought us the wrong food-though there was BARELY anyone there. and most of their new dishes are “not available”

Food: 7/10 | Price: 4.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 6/10

Lammeeya @ Uptown Damansara, Same row as HSBC

I totally regret telling my gramps i went to the doc. I thought they would think, “wow, what a great boyfriend you have. Taking you at night, and paying for the bill”. But instead, they think i’m not relying on them anymore.

The reason i don’t want to tell gramps i’m sick is cos when gramma takes me to the doc, she’ll tell me, “why you fall sick? How can? How come? Waste my money? You’re so expensive to upkeep!”.

I bet if anyone told you that, you wouldn’t want them to take you to the doc. And when i told her that reason, she called me “ungrateful”… =.=

I was kinda stunned. All this while, i’ve been trying to lighten her burden (money wise) by going to the doc on my own, buying the medicine on my own… but yet, she calls me ungrateful.. i don’t understand..

what a way to end the night.


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