[Giant Bowl @ SS2] [Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens, Mid Valley]

Xmas Eve!! Wow.. it has been a feast so far, and more feasting at night.

Breakfast was:


A cup of coffee with a slice of red bean log from RT pastry house. A really compact bread..

Went to fix dear’s wheel bearing.

And met his bro for lunch.

At Giant Bowl, SS2

An organic vegetarian shop..

Dear ordered nasi lemak RM5.90


The sambal was excellent. The curry was so so.

Fake chicken.. amazing how it really resembles chicken.


Dear’s bro had tom yam fried rice which he said tasted funny. I guess too vege-fied for him!


While i had me a rojak. Not bad. but i’m not really into fruit rojak. I liked the keropok on top though, reminds me of the one eaten for yee sang during CNY.

Overall, the food was alright, but slightly pricy, and i kinda find the people arrogant. i don’t know. that’s just my opinion.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 | Service: 6/10

New Giant Bowl, SS2 –Same row as McD

After lunch, we headed back home after sending dear’s bro off.

Took a nap cos dear said he knew it would be a long night..

We left the house at about 430pm for a 7 pm dinner! It’s Xmas Eve, and we expected jam. And we were right. all the major highways were jam so we took the Penchala Link.

Headed to Borders Starbucks to use our laptop and have a read.

time flew and soon, we were waiting outside a packed Zanmai for our seats. I just don’t understand why people don’t make reservations, knowing it’s Xmas Eve. But i shouldn’t bother, cos we did! 🙂

We ordered ALOT of food!


Left: Chuka Ikado (RM6.80)-was quite crunchy and tender at the same time. Well seasoned, but maybe on the salty side unlike Sakae which is on the sweet side.

Right: Inari Kanimayo (RM4.80)


Garlic rice (L) – RM13.80

Very fragrant and tasty. This was supposed to be for Grandma, but as usual, she shared it with everyone.


Wasabillar roll-RM12.80

It has a crunch to it. I’m not sure what makes it crunchy though. I love the green little balls though! inside there’s some salmon.


Soft Shell Crab-RM10.80

I normally love this one. Grandma had one but i decided to try a new dish with soft shell crab


Soft shell crab Okonomyki-RM12.80

I regretted ordering this. Not only it came super late, There wasn’t MUCH soft shell crab. And the soft shell crab wasn’t crispy cos it was attached to the pancake. I thought it was and egg the bottom-turned out to be a pancake. Taste-wise: unique, and alright. but i think i would’ve preferred just the soft shell crab.


Coral Roll: RM12.80

Reverse roll of crabstick and cucumber topped with smoked salmon and cucumber and salmon roe

I think you already know why i love these! The smoked salmon!!! Glorious!! Love the smokey taste. So sad that no place serves just smoked salmon on a platter.


Salmon Sashimi (2 large) : RM27.60

a total of 14 slices there. So smooth and velvety. love the texture!! Best with soy sauce!


This is a new dish-lobster teppanyaki (RM12.80)

It was quite small-Zanmai can always fool people-i once ordered a scallop dish, it was SOOOO tiny compared to the pic. I didn’t try this lobster-gramps shared it. they looked like they enjoyed it. 🙂


2 sets of Mini California Maki (RM13.60 for 2)- quite good.


Akak Jean’s and Akak Carol’s fav Dai Dai roll (RM12.80)

This is their fav. It is good-but i like my smoked salmon one. 🙂


Yakiniku Don S-RM10.80

Dear had this-rice topped with tender beef and onions.

The beef was not as tender as i thought, but i do love the onions


This is a new item-Crystal Roll RM12.80

Reverse roll topped with inari and cucumber and some pickled veg on top. I thought it was OK. nothing to shout about cos i thought the ingredients were not luxurious enough for the roll to be priced so high.


Akak Carol ordered a Tempura Udon (S)-RM10.80

Grampa really liked the udon when he tried some. He said it’s really smooth!


A separate plate of tempura mori was ordered. RM9.80

the only thing i can say is that the portion is a tad to small.

I had one brinjal and half a prawn-quite good.


Yaki Soba (L) RM15.80

Basically stir fried noodles-but the noodles were on the sourish side. I guess that’s normal for jap noodles. It was quite nice, but we ended up taking away most of it cos we were STUFFED!

The bill came up to RM253.35 inclusive of 6 Ocha and tax.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Sushi Zanmai-The Gardens

T217-3rd floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, KL Tel: 03 22821160

Went back home. We danced, listened to Xmas music. Even had dessert after such a big dinner


Akak Jean bought this from a friend. It was delicious. Layers of biscuits with chocolate in between. Almost like chocolate digestive biscuits. but better!


Also had a drink or two..

And 12 midnight came. opened our presents.

And off to snooze!


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