Outback Steakhouse @ Bangsar Village

23rd December update.

i know i’ve been behind on my posts but forgive me, cos it’s all due to celebrations!

Past few days i have not been running.. Boo..

Anyway, brekkie on 23rd was..


A good ol’ bowl of cereal eaten with some PB.. Special K Vanilla Almond-even the name sounds good. lol…

And can you believe it, i had class on the eve of Xmas Eve! But it was my last class for the semester! WOOHOO!

BPC was just a discussion of the past year papers. Exam’s next Monday!

Left class kinda late, and me, dear and gramps headed for a treat at Bangsar Village.

Dear decided to treat my gramps to a lunch at Outback Steakhouse-where we went for dear’s bday this year..

Excellent steak there! We decided to go there for lunch for the promo.

Dear ordered the set lunch (RM34.95), consisting of a Soup/Salad with a main and a drink.

He chose a mushroom chicken soup.


Absolutely the thickest soup i’ve tasted! So thick. And don’t doubt the look of it. it has lots of mushrooms hidden including chicken!

I ordered a Typhoon Bloom RM15.95


Onion lovers MUST not miss this when coming to Outback. The onion rings are enormous. The sauce was alright, but i was obsessed with the rings. I know, unhealthy, but i don’t come hear all the time!


Also a side of Bushman bread for RM4.95. Was quite good and really soft. Apparently healthy cos of the grains. And real butter! Grampa couldn’t resist the butter even though the bread was wholemeal.


I’m sorry about this pic. I couldn’t snap it fast enough before Grandma snagged the corn away! haha. This is the Outback Sirloin costing RM44.95. Medium. This was what dear ate when we came here the first time and so far, it’s the best steak (i still haven’t tried Jake’s). The steak is VERY flavourful, and it’s tender.

The mash potatoes are amazing, but Tony Roma’s are better.

Dear had a sizzling sirloin from the set.


Served with grilled vegetables and on a bed of more onions! The vege was ok, nothing to shout about. And the onions were not as caramelized as i would have wanted it. The sirloin was good though. Soft, and the beefy smell is not as pungent, which is GOOD.

Inclusive of another drink, the bill came up to RM123. the killer is usually the tax..


Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 6/10 | ambience: 8.5/10 | Service: 7.5/10

Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar Village

OK, to tell you the truth, i was totally not full, but considering how much i ate, and all the oily stuff, i didn’t want to eat anything else.

Got back home, studied a teeny bit, and lazed around.

Dear had leftovers for dinner, but i just nibbled. Went to watch him play futsal and got mosquito bites.

But i was happy that we went to Happy Beans!


Dear had his smoothie chincao with barley, green bean and pearls


While mine was red bean, yam and green bean. And it never ever fails me. Just divine! I know, i feel like i’m exaggerating, but this is my fav dessert!!! Along with apple crumble.

That’s all for the 23rd! ENJOY!


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