Goh Thong Cook-out

22nd December-Goh Thong, a chinese tradition of “crossing over to another year”. Though we are Catholics, we just “celebrate” it through a get-together, with FOOD.

I did actually a workout today though i was slightly sore from my run at the park the day before.

Pre Workout was..


Honey maid, and a coffee…

Workout was the usual, but not as energetic..

Breakfast was new.


Notice the new mug? haha.. from someone’s cutie. haha!!!!

Nah, it’s from my friend, Samuel, though i really was joking that he needed to buy me back something from Paris. I wouldn’t have mind just a Gelato. Well, at least a mug can last longer than a gelato. 🙂

Breakfast was yoghurt mess, yes, i promise there’s some yoghurt down there, cranberry yoghurt, i may add.. 🙂


Topped with Special K Vanilla Almond, which is now my fav flavoured flakes! Though sadly, the almonds are scarce. That big almond there is from mut trail mix stash!

Nom nom nom, and off to class! 2nd last class of BPC.

After BPC, i headed to 1 Utama to get some stuff for bread baking for Goh Thong!! Beer bread!

Had a quick bite since i knew the cookout was gonna be big!


Stopped by Rotiboy and had a Toffee Nut Frapp at Starbucks before they stop serving it after Xmas!

Bought the necessary items and zoomed home to start baking!

Super easy recipe from Recipezaar.

i modified it to make it whole wheat.

  • 3 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 bottle of budweiser beer (355ml)
  • 3 tsp of baking powder
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar (i used brown)
  • 1/4 cup of melted butter

Preheat oven to 375 F / 205 C. Mix everything but the beer. Then add the beer and stir with all the strength you have. Place into a greased loaf pan. Pour melted butter over. Bake for half hour to 60 mins in a greased loaf pan. The recipe said 60, but 30 was fine for me.


I ended up with a very hearty, crusty, and compact loaf. The beer taste was so there.. The butter.. just added so much flavour as it went down the sides of the loaf. The crust seemed hard, so i was worried that it was hard inside, but it was so soft!

Ok.. after the baking, Akak Jean came. The cooking was non-stop. Dear came, and cooked outside with Max watching-hilarious!! Max was salivating.

And finally, after all the cooking and sweat (not on the food i hope)


One hungry family!


On the left: Yau Mal (i didn’t try any cos there was ALOT of food)

On the right: dear’s chicken!! It was well liked!!

Accompanied with the sauce i made from the leftover brown bits from the pan (as learnt from Chef Michael Smith)


Was intended to be mushroom based, but the mushrooms turned bad, so a whole onion was used and 2 garlic cloves and the bown bits from the pan, and leftover marinade (plus extra made for sauce). Turned out not too bad!!!

Dipped with the beer bread! DELICIOUS!


The top is Grandma’s lotus root and peanut soup. Nothing beats Grandma’s though a little more salt would help.

The bottom is some dory fish and prawns. Deep-fried by Akak Jean, but not too oily, i think the oil’s temp was quite high. so it was good! Dory fish marinated with dried thyme..


Left is some brocolli Akak Jean made, and the right is sweet and sour prawns, with some egg added in to the sauce for a twist. I do not know why my PB bottle is there though.



Apple crumble. Ok.. i have to admit, it is not as wonderful as the ones from Delicious, Ms Read, but these are not bad for first timers like us. The top i guess was not crumbled enough, so there was clumps of margarine. But it still crisped up quite nicely.


And, yes we finished all!

Watched So You Think You can Dance, and was sleepy and stuffed-what pigs!


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