Soft Shell Crab @ Murni SS2

Morning loves!

Yesterday morning was a lonely one cos gramps had gone out for brekkie, while i wanted to stay home and workout + TRY to study..



A coffee w/1/4 cup HL milk. i gotta work on it cos suddenly, it doesn’t taste as good. =.=

Half of a bun from RT Pastry House..

Workout was successful.. ran, lunged, sat up and lifted.

Studying..not so cos i was watching Mentalist and by the time i bathed, gramps got back..

Lazed around abit and we were out for lunch by 12

Restoran Anuja it was!


Top left: Fried onions-i was HOPING it would be fresh since it was lunch time. it was ok. not very crispy but better than the last few times.

Top right: curry vege from the fish curry, i think the lady was unhappy i took vege only withoug fish. ;P but, more brinjals please!

bottom right: Kicap chicken-not bad. quite tasty.

Restoran Anuja

NO 2-31, JALAN 1/1, DESA AMAN PURI, KEPONG, 52100 (603- 6280 4205)

Came home.. did some studying.. And a snacking..


Spotted Mat Toh Yau on the way back! Was so delighted.. Turns out lotus seeds are out of stock, so i got mine with Yam, sweet taters, red beans, and atapci (a kind of palm fruit).

Waited for dear cos we were gonna meet him for dinner at Murni SS2..

On the way to Murni,


Don’t you love the sky, and i didn’t know my cam could take moving pics so well!

Murni SS2 was packed when we got there at 740pm!! The whole row of shophouses was full of tables!

I was dying to try the soft shell crab there since Pik San said the portion was big. When i first asked the waitress, she said that they didn’t serve.. So i took some food from the “Nasi Campur (Mixed rice)” section.


The top is chicken grampa took. It was better than he expected..

The sambal on the left is the one me and grandma loves oh so much! Sweet and spicy, but not too spicy till it’ll kill you!

The bottom is what i took, my fav shrimp..crispy and tasty! The top right of my plate is a begedel (potato pancake), and some nuts and anchovies. This plate was RM2.50

But when i took this to the cashier to let them see, i just asked why there was no soft shell crab, he said, “Ada!”.. I was so happy!! But kinda lost about what i would do with my plate!

So i ordered one plate of soft shell crab anyway, and munched on the prawn but didn’t finish the begedel.


Dear’s claypot lou shu fun came in no time.


What i’ve been waiting for……. but i was a bit disappointed.

If i’ve not mistaken, this plate is about RM10.As i remember, i think it’s bigger than it looks in this pic.

Fries: ok.. quite crispy, but i never really liked crinkle cut fries..

Soft Shell crab: TOO OILY! I mean, yes, deep fried. but Zanmai deep fries them, hell, even shogun deep fries them, but they’re not oily like these! When i squeeze them, oil oozes out of them! Even BBQ plaza’s one is not so oily (though the portion is small).

The first one i ate without dabbing the oil with a tissue-regret! Then the next few bites, i tried so squeeze out the oil from it as much as possible, but there was still alot of oil. The soft shell crab tasted OK. it was kinda a tad bland, i guess that’s why the sauces are there. It was crispy, but i guess if it were in smaller pieces, it would have been crispier.

Would i eat this again? For my arteries, No.

Sorry, murni, disappointment with the dish i was looking forward to.

Gramps had two Roti Canai which were so small that it could fly! but it was nevertheless, good.

Total damage: RM27.50 which grampa totally didn’t expect!

Food: 7.5/10 (but for soft shell crab, i give a 5/10 cos it may kill me)

Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 6/10 (Go to Aman Suria branch if you want ambience) | Service: 7.5/10

Murni, SS2

Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya


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