It’s ok to cry over spilled coffee

Especially if it’s HOT coffee that spills on your hand.

Yesterday morning, after workout

note: pre workout fuel-nescafe 3 in 1 & a few wheat thins

i thought of having a TLC bar in class, and a Starbucks coffee from Centrepoint-to complete my 11 stamp!!! Woo hoo!!

So i got me a Christmas blend.. with low fat milk.. I took out the cap to put equal in it.. and i think i didn’t close it properly as when i was walking out, i could feel the cup was not in shape, and some really hot coffee spilled on my RIGHT hand!!

Immediately, i put down my stuff and than God the staff let me use their tap to wask my hands. Dear tells me that if after your hands or anywhere gets “Scalded” by hot water, just let tap water run over it for a minute or so, until you feel better, and there will be no blisters or marks whatsoever. And it worked.

Starbucks’ staff was kind enough to change my cup and patient to let me stand at their tap, stopping them from their work. =.=

Anyway, back to other news..

i didn’t have breakfast in the end cos i forgot there was a test. so the bar is still sitting in my bag..Surprisingly, with that Grande Coffee, i was not hungry at all during the BPC mock test.

Met up Pik San at Centrepoint for ice-cream!! Baskin Robbins!


I had Maui Brownie Madness-i chose it over cookies and cream cos apparently, it’s made out of low fat yoghurt!

Quite alot of nuts, but didn’t see no chunks of brownie in there. Taste wise, quite good.. but i guess i’m not so into chocolate anymore.

We chatted till 1-headed for IB..

Where svun brought some “oat mushroom” for us. but Pik san let me have it all! haha. And they were surprisingly still crunchy. hard to find deep fried mushrooms which are crunchy. sorry.. no pic..

IB-well.. our lecturer was pretty angry with us for being noisy. so he “merajuk-ed)

oh well.. went home at about 230 pm..

lazed around.. did some BPC.. ate some nuts + honey stars. :p

And guess where was dinner…

Restoran Anuja again. if you’re not getting sick of seeing this on my blog, i am.

Anyway, there’s no other decent cheap place near my house, so Anuja it was..


Ok.. from the left..

Tofu sambal-sambal was really good and sweet and spicy.

Fish floss: i didn’t even know that was fish-interesting.

Deep fried onions-not so good cos it was soggy (won’t take this again unless it’s fresh)

We also ordered a side of fries as i was craving for it.. ehehe.


Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 | Service: 7/10

Restoran Anuja

NO 2-31, JALAN 1/1, DESA AMAN PURI, KEPONG, 52100 (603- 6280 4205)

Comparison of Starbucks 2009 planner and 2010

2009 2010

2009-leather cover.. 2010.. i think they were trying to go environmentally friendly, thus the sad cardboard cover. design of the cardboard cover was good. but it was hard, this not as nice as the 2009 one. plus the 09 one has a place to put your pen in.. however, 09 one wasn’t too good with the elastic thingy, cos book still opened.

SDC10425 2009 planner

the planner has a nice first page.. and the pages are THICK. the copper bind gives it a rustic look

SDC10422 2010 planner

What a welcoming message, the refills can be used in the 2009 planner. but then, why do we bother with the 2010 planner than. i had to collect 11 stamps just to get this.. 11 stamps = 11 grande drinks.. imagine the MONEY and the CALORIES! Also, the binder looks normal, and the pages are thinner

SDC10426 2009

The months have inspiring messages.. and the design is VERY nice..authentic as they seemed drawn

SDC10423 2010

unlike these, which are LESS authentic, and ALL about starbucks, nothing about the environment. And just photographs of people drinking starbucks??

Sigh, although i’m an avid fan of Starbucks, i am faced with much disappointed with their new planners.

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