Gosh. I totally panicked this morning! I forgot to reference The Starbucked book which i used so much for my assignment!!!! Had to reprint- reburn the cd- rebind by ourselves!

Thanks to Pik San for bringing me a cd and helping me bind, i managed to finish! Thanks!

And also Sopna for lending me 30cents from her account to print!

And also dear, cos i kacau-ed him on his way to gym to get me two extra cds.

Ok.. away from havoc. FOOD! hehe.

No workout since dear was around. Went to Old Town in Aman Puri for brekkie.


my fav Nanyang kopi C (RM3.20).. and dear.


His Nissin noodles (from the breakfast set). i seriously think the previous nissin was nicer! now it looks, tastes, and smells like Maggi Mee. 😦


I had this.. of course not all the garlic toast . I had the sides.. and the Kashi TLC bar-lots of bars in the house that needs finishing!!

Dear took me home so my gramps could take me to college..

IB-havoc. let’s not discuss that.

Lunch : BBQ plaza.

Dear was late as usual.. talking to his neighbour o.o (find, i admit his neighbour is quite pitiful, but you can always find another time to talk, no?)

Anyway, we just started on our own first.


Pik San and Svun’s pork set (RM13.70) after tax. Lots of vege!


Soft shell crab.. i think the oat crumbs is just a disguise to hide how LITTLE soft shell crab there was-especially for RM9.90. I think even Sakae is more worth the money!

Finally, when we finished, dear came. and pik san and svun left soon after! lol..

Verdict: based on my soft shell crab

Food: 7/10 * | Price: 5/10 * | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

*I was really disappointed with the portion

BBQ plaza, 1 Utama, New Wing (upstairs from paddington pancakes.

After lunch, i got me a Coffee, and we did some shopping until we lost track of time. Wee, it was cos we were indecisive..

It was nearly 5, and dear was supposed to go to work at 520!

So he had a quick dinner and i had a Rotiboy in the car..

Straight to the house-bathed-off to work, while i followed my gramps to Restoran Anuja..

I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so i just tried some of their food.


Granma ordered a mee goreng, 2eggs… the guy somehow brought us 2 mee goreng with 2eggs each! lol.. Thank God the owner was kind enough to take the noodles back

The mee goreng itself was quite good. but i would really want to try the maggi goreng one day. but although 2eggs were in there, it was all mixed up and no big pieces. 😦

 Food: 7/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 (what can we expect from a mamak?) | Service: 7.5/10

NO 2-31, JALAN 1/1, DESA AMAN PURI, KEPONG, 52100 (603- 6280 4205)

Came home to “So you think you can dance” and bed.


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