French Toast

This morning, waking up at 8 was actually difficult. i think there has been a definite lack of sleep for me! lol.. Went down immediately to get my jave fix for the morning and a couple of wheat thins to fuel my work out.

Sometimes, 3-in-1s are essential when you run out of milk!

Workout: Ran, lunged, sat-up, and weighted

Breakfast was a twist from the usual.

French Toast!

  • Toasted a slice (split in to half) of Low GI bread from Bakers’ Inn
  • Spread Skippy Natural Chunky PB on one side.
  • And topped the half with the other half.
  • Cracked an egg, whisked it..
  • Dunked the toast w/PB in.
  • Heated a non-stick with some oil on high heat
  • Placed the toast on the pan.. flip.. until all sides are cooked..


I think there was more egg than PB as i couldn’t taste the PB. Maybe i’ll use less egg. fry the leftovers for something else.

And salt and milk should have been added.

nevertheless, it was a GOOD breakfast. Technically, i’m supposed to be full since PB & egg=protein..and i had some nuts on the side too.. BUT i’m NOT!

I’m off to college in like..10 mins!



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