Lammeeya @ 1 Utama


fRiDaY- Happy Birthday to the Sultan of Selangor..

Which means.. public holiday! But as today is a friday, i have no classes on Friday, so it doesn’t make a difference for me. =.=

Anyways, i ran in the morning.. preworkout fuel was coffee + a few Wheat Thins. 

Dear came after my workout.. And we had brekkie together!


I cooked while he was on the way.. Salmon sausages (no meat Friday) and 2 attempted bulls-eye egg, of which only one success. And two pieces of Gardenia bread, toasted with Ballantyne butter-which smelled oh so good!

MY brekkie was simple since lunch was in like 2 hours!


Ok. this WAS supposed to be breakfast until i looked into my ABC melrose jar, and there was barely scraps left, so i thought-perfect for oats in a jar! So, i used Skippy Natural PB instead.

No milk-No coffeE!

Dear went to sleep.

We were headed for lunch with Akak Jean and Akak Carol at Lammeeya @ 1u.


What could Lammeeya be possibly famous for? Why Lam mee of course!

Akak Jean, Carol and Grampa each had a bowl. I tried some. they gave ALOT of noodles. it looked quite “jelak”. i didn’t really like the meatball (they weren’t in the shape of balls though) cos it tasted funny. The gravy was  quite good.

I had 2 dumplings and two meatballs (RM4.80)



The dumblings dough was too doughy!! yuck.. too thick! No go!

Meatballs were alright-both shape and taste! haha.

We also ordered “foo chook”


This seriously smelled like fries to me. only prob with this was that the stuffing was too much. but i think it’s a personal taste cos i like my fu chuok without stuffing if possible.

Gramma had mee rebus, but no pic.

Overall.. the food was ok. i guess i’m not a lam mee fan. but i really disliked the dumplings. price wasn’t cheap too. came up to about RM60 plus..

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Lammeeya: LG 333A, One-Utama-New Wing, next to Bread Story. (03-77274877)

We walked about 1 Utama, and Akak Jean found 2 great deals for two shirts for Grandma.

We went back after buying some stuff at Cold Storage..

Napped with dear for a bit..

Dinner was cooked at home. Dear had to go for OT. 😦

This was the first time in a long time since i cooked real food. lol


The main ingredients..

I made salmon with tomato sauce..

  1. Cooked some onion and garlic
  2. Tossed in the canned salmon fillets.. broke it down to flakes.
  3. Tossed in some mixed vege (the corn, carrot and peas)
  4. Added the canned tomatoes and about 3 tablespoons of tomato puree.
  5. Some dried parsley, salt, pepper.. Sugar cos it was somehow quite sour..
  6. Voila!


We ate straight from the pan to reduce washing of dishes. Dear liked it! And it’s not expensive to make! PLUS HEALTHY!


Tesco light choices Lentil and vegetable soup: was ok.. but slightly bland. i still prefer the Tuscan bean soup.

Sent dear off to work.. and did some studying/watching tv/studying..

Waited for him to come back. he was supposed to get back early, but he had last minute work from his boss. which really sucked.

We got to sleep at 3am!!


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