Once was lost, now is found

I AM SO HAPPY! I found my Starbucks Bottle yesterday, after leaving it at class. Though me and pik san each went back to look, it wasn’t there. but after svun accompanied me to ask the cleaners, turns out, they put what the find in the cupboards of the class! SO HAPPY. Thank God!

Anyways, no workout yesterday.. will be replaced on sunday since i’m not seeing dear

brekkie was


Pumpkin bread slice topped with ABC melrose spread. Believe me! delicious and filling!

Had me an unphotographed coffee too.

Drove to college.. attended BPC class..past year papers..

Talking about past year papers, i found out my friend who went for the exchange program in UK has past year papers for IB. i feel so pissed with the lecturers here now cos they only gave ONE. and won’t even discuss with us!

Anyway, lunch was with dear.. at… MURNI DISCOVERY

but today, murni was not so satisfying.

My food was ok..


3 Layer Tea (RM3) shared with dear, and my “nasi campur”.

Brinjals: spicy, and nice. but TOO ouly

Sotong w/onion: quite soft and biteable

Potatoes: spicy, appetizing

Then, we waited.. and waited.. i think for about half an hour..

and waited some more. asked the waiter, turned out they cooked wrongly-lamb chop instead of chicken chop!

Waited… i was almost about to leave..

and it FINALLY came.


Chicken chop – RM8

As you can see, i was disappointed that they had changed to crinkled cut fried. It was nicer and more authentic when they used thick-straight-cut fries the first time i came. Also, the portion shrunk AGAIN. the coleslaw looks so sad, so do the fries. what’s up with them? change of cook?

I didn’t try the chicken though.

Verdict for visit No.3

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 5/10

Murni Discovery, Sunwaymas commercial centre.

Came home, had an apple


This apple was in the fridge for quite a while-still good though!

After studying/watching tv/online-ing..



Sorry, had a 2 bites of a donut earlier. lol.. Dear bought J.Co donuts from Sunway Pyramid. Passed 2 to me during lunch!

I had the Alcapone one. White belgian choc plus almonds.

Though it had been left a few hours before eating, reheating it makes it so much better! But one thing, it tasted more like frosting than chocolate. lol..

Also had a green bean soup (Lok Tao Sui). Gramma brought home. and i shared it with Grampa!!

That’s the eats for the day.

i think.


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