Been busy past two days. Dear was around, plus, if you notice, i post my posts during my digestion of preworkout fuel..

So.. here we go with Tuesday’s eats..

Pre-workout: coffee + half a K Time twist bar..

Worked out: Run, lunges, sit ups, weights.. (i may be getting tired of this one day)


Overnight oats.

Same as yesterday’s combo

1/4 cup of oats, soy bean, and some cranberry

Topped with honey stars.

IB: My lecturer seemed ok with explanation of the exam question. i asked if he was willing to read the points if i write them down, since he was so lazy (i didn’t say lazy) to mark the essay.

He said ok..

Lunch: Murni, again. 🙂

but, +



My food was the fastest! haha.


And maybe cheapest. My drink was pineapple juice (RM3) but it wasn’t sweet. unlike the ones in pasar malam.

I had some brinjals and a begedel from the chap fan area. The brinjals were quite appetizing due to the spicyness. The begedel (potato pancake) was quite good too.


Sang Har Meen (RM10)

Ok.. we were surprised cos we didn’t expect the prawn to be so big. Now looking at it again, it could be Tai Tao Ha (Big head prawn). I didn’t try but Pik San said it was quite nice (the sauce)..


Chicken A’la Kiev or something like that. I think they must have changed cooks or something. looking at the amount of fries compared to what i had with my omelette previously.

Don’t the fries look much more?

Pik San also said the chicken- which is stuffed with cheese then deep fried, looks half the size..

Anyway, they also got a Roti Beckham and svun had a Roti Salad.


Roti Beckham-tuna, cheese, egg, ham

Roti Salad: coleslaw

Pik San ordered a carbonara..


Quite a big portion, and she KINDLY let me try some. hehe. was nice and creamy. not liquified at all like some places..

Overall, i thought the food was ok, and was quite satisfied with mine! 🙂

But service may be a bit slow as there’s only ONE waiter. and somehow, the kitchen’s also slow with the food. so thank God i chose nasi campur, minus nasi.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10  | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 6/10

Murni Discovery, Aman Suria (Sunwaymas commercial centre)

After lunch, was BPC for me. Thanks Pik San, for accompanying though lunch was cut short for ya!

BPC was alright.. a short test. class ended at 4ish..

Dinner: Happy City food court, Kepong


Brinjals again! Yum.. Can you believe the guy charged me only RM1???? somehow, he always charges me RM1. lol.

No ochien, but there was ABC consumed! 🙂

that’s all for tuesday..

Btw, i lost my bottle today! My starbucks one. 😦

Not to be found.



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