Doing weights, but not losing any

Yesterday, i managed to have a nice sleep till 830am after sending dear off to work.

Preworkout fuel-coffee + egg biscuit

Workout-run, lunge, situps, weights (and yet, i’m not losing any weight!)

I don’t know why do i try to workout 5 times a week, i still don’t lose any weight. though i suspect it’s most probably my food intake. I just am always so tempted to follow my grandparents out for dinner. I WANT to cos i want to spend QUALITY time with them. but yet, i eat ALOT when i go out with them. either that, or make the wrong food choices.

Anyways, brekkie after workout was


Overnight oats

1/4cup oats, 1/4 cup soya bean, some cranberry from a can, 1/4 cup natural yoghurt

this morning-honey stars + PB!

I was so wrong thinking soya bean = soyabean milk. it’s totally different! This time, when i used soya bean (i had two cans in the fridge which noone’s drinking), It really had alot of soy flavour. not my cup of tea. but bearable for the next few oatmeal since i don’t plan to waste the two cans.

high in protein anyway.

Went to college for IB at 1230pm. Svun didn’t come today due to car repairs, so it was just me, pik san, and gossip. lol.

I know, we should really start paying attention in IB now since exam’s less than 4 weeks away?????!!!!

so screwed.

anyway, after class, we went to pick grandma up from her massage at Jaya 33. And we didn’t know where to eat

So i suggeseted Paandi in Taman Tun where grampa could have putumayam, but it hadn’t arrived. So i dropped by Popeye’s and had my lunch/dinner.


9 pc shrimp + 1 biscuit = RM11.75

Pricy, i know. but i LOVE the biscuits!!!

The shrimp was alright to. but i love the biscuits!

After that, we headed to Kayu at Aman Suria since we knew grampa wasn’t satisfied without his putumayam, so we empathized.

Me and gramps shared a Roti Tisu, and Grampa had his putumayam. I resisted having teh tarik/nescafe. I figured, when i want them, i’ll head to Starbucks to up my stamps for the planner! yippee!

I didn’t have anything when i came home…..

FINE! Except 2 prunes and a few wheat thins. I was being unintuitive in my eating! 😦

Ok.. i’m off to workout soon!



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