Popeye’s the sailorman

I still remember Popeye eating 3 cans of spinach to get stronger than one can! haha..

I’ll get to the reason for that title when i get to yesterday’s lunch

This morning, woke up at 715 ish.. i was really not in the mood to let him send me to college. But i tried to put on a happy face..


Cereal-too much all-bran today..

I was quiet on the way to college. I don’t know why i just couldn’t tell him the reason. I didn’t even give him a proper goodbye on the way out of the car, and by the look of his face, he knew i was angry.. but he’s so darn blur to not know why.

I shall spare you the details of our sms when i was in class. but in the end, he picked me up from college..

BPC, was.. LATE! The lecturer was 1 hour late. I feel that, you should at least have the courtesy to tell us so we don’t look like fools waiting for you in the darn class!

Though she extended the class, i had to renew my driving license, so i left at 11am.

On the way to JPJ, i called them just to confirm the location. I was almost there, when i called, and they told me that system was down and better not come.


We turned back and headed for lunch..

I’m surprised Popeye’s Chicken and Seafood do not serve any spinach! lol

We went to Popeye’s at Taman Tun cos dear knew i love that place, but gramps don’t.


Dear got Chicken and biscuits (RM9.90) with 2 sides.


Coleslaw and mashed potato.

Dear thought the chicken was quite good. i tried the batter, very crispy. better than their rival, KFC.

One thing here that beats KFC flat out is that they have biscuits and KFC here doesn’t! I heart biscuits. Especially the crust. I remember when we came here once, we had a basket of biscuits, i just ate the outer part! haha!

The coleslaw was alright. The mash potato was much more authentic than other commercial ones. Can taste the herbs and spices in the gravy.


I had fish and biscuits (RM9.90) with the same sides.

Mine took a while to come. They got quite busy once we sat down. I wanted the shrimp but it was pricey! The fish was quite good. I love the batter. The portion was quite big to. Gave half of the smaller piece to dear.

I WANTED to take home more biscuits, but i think it’s like ice-cream, if you want, go out and eat it.

I tried the Red Ruby orange for RM1 add on


I was fooled cos i thought it was some juice, but it was sprite and some syrup or something. I finished it cos i didn’t want to waste and i don’t usually fancy soft drinks.

(Note their own ketchup and chilli in the background!)

We also had add-on Cajun fries (RM1.45 for regular)


I quite like these fries cos they’re coated with something. but i still like Carl’s Jr more.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Popeye’s, Taman Tun (Quite near KFC, same row as Paandi)

Came home, slept! such pigs! I don’t know why i slept though i wasn’t planning to!

Woke up, did SOME assignment, cooked..

Sorry. bad blogger! no photos of dinner.

What was had: corned beef, 3in1 vege

Sent dear off to work.. and i cooked for gramps cos it was raining, thus no going out for dinner.

Made them roti pratha and canned curry chicken.

What i had: Some corned beef, a Kashi bar, and some chicken from the curry chicken.

Can i say i’m almost done with my assignment? I’m not confident! Darn Lecturers.

I heart Cyril, just so you know.

Ok..i’m off to my morning run now.



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