Food is against me

I’m super irritated now cos my downlight in my room is flickering non-stop and it’s too early to wake up gramps from the noise of me getting the ladder.


After workout, i had a quick refuel with an apple.


topped with some all-bran complete cereal + Kelloggs berries cereal. All eaten with tsps of PB and ABC melrose spread.  I’m SURE some nuts went into ze mouth as well.

Went to college, IB time! back to our previous indian lecturer. I seriously think our lecturers are plain darn lazy. I know, i feel like i complain about them alot, but it’s too true! I asked if he would check the answers to case studies in the SAMPLE paper, he said better to “discuss-as if i understand what he’s saying” as if he checks one, he has to check all. But isn’t that what we pay you for?

Anyway, exam’s around the corner, so revision classes are starting and i’m kinda freaking out.

Lunch, we WERE headed to the NEW MURNI in Aman Suria. BUT once again, food is against me.

When Pik San went, it was opened. When we went yesterday, it said opening soon. WTH?

So i thought, maybe we can eat Roti Tisu at Kayu. Upon reaching, we found out they don’t make rotis in the afternoon.

Food is SO against me.

Anyway, so i had a plain rojak (RM4.20)


Ok.. Naked rojak kinda looks pathetic. You always see rojak with the sauce, i requested it on the side. it looks pathetic! haha.

Anyway, Kayu is seriously reducing costs. The sauce is MUCH thinner. not as thick and full of peanuts like the last time. The potatoes are so thinly sliced. last time, they were cubed, and more!!

Sigh.. and yet, the govt plans to impose GST. we’re doomed.

Also had a RM2 Nescafe Tarik.


Less sweet is sweet to mamaks. lol..


This cost Pik San RM6. Not bad considering Kayu is known for their expensive Nasi Kandar.

Svun had a maggi goreng (RM5.20) which took quite awhile to come.

The verdict on my rojak and drink:

Food: 6.5/10 | PricE: 6/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Rojak was reduced, RM5.20 for a maggi goreng with egg!!!, and it took a long time to come.

Kayu Nasi Kandar Original, Aman Suria.

I was meant to go home after lunch, but i had a replacement class at 1.30pm!!!! Sigh. BPC. The lecturer gave a test-but it was just a question she gave before. I never realised BPC had so much theory. I’m VERY scared of theory. it’s been a long time since i studied anything. Normally, it’s just practising the accounts.

Left college JIT (just-in-time) before the rain!! Thank God.

Came home, had a Honey maid and wheat thins. 

Watched some TV. Did some BPC. Watched more TV

Soon, gramps wanted to go out for dinner, but we couldn’t decide WHERE!

So we just dinnered at home.


I had a vegetarian Meat patty, i couldn’t pan fry it cos grampa was using the kitchen, so i just put it in the toaster oven with the Pumpkin bread from Bakers’ Inn. Ate the pumpkin bread with the delicious Nonya One Sambal! Also some edamame Akak Jean bought for me.

You know some nuts were involved!!

Studied more-i know i sound like a nerd, but believe me, i do have intervals when i study. i walk around, talk, read papers, etc.

Watched So You think you can dance? I love Katie and Joshua!! Katie’s so cute!

Had a “small mandarin” and some kuaci while watching.

Dear called by 1030ish.. turns out, he’s not meeting me on thursday morning cos he wants to wash his clothes. then i offered that i can help if he brings it here. Then he said, i’m lazy wanna bring it to your place. o.o

So, in other words, he doesn’t want to meet me cos of his laziness of bringing his clothes to my place to wash. Plus, he was kinda making it sound like he didn’t want to help me out with the license thing. I was thinking, if you don’t you can always tell me at FIRST. But he’s so willing to pick his cousins up after his night shift=no sleep.

And, when I ask him to stay up and watch tv with me-he’s too tired. When his friend asks him to play futsal, he isn’t.

He’s coming over to stay tomorrow, for which i don’t see the point cos he reaches so late, and my class starts at 9 the next day.

Sigh. it’s so hard..

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