Christmas is nigh


Christmas tree was set up today when i came home from college. I know our christmas tree doesn’t look very wonderful. but my family believes in putting every ornament which can be found on it, thus the mismatch of everything!! lol..


It was so difficult to wake up at 520am for a run today. but i did. Brushing my teeth wakes me up.

Had a coffee-Nescafe mild 3in1 and 3 Weetameals.




Few things on the grocery shopping list-oats!

So outta oats-in with cereal—> All-bran complete wheat flakes, all-bran cereal, and kelloggs berries.. all mixed up cos i’m saving up space in the fridge!

yes-i put my cereals in my fridge so that they don’t soften.

A coffee was had with the leftover milk.. i now like me coffee with either HL milk or F&N calcium plus. no other milk please!

A prune was had but i had no stomach for nuts. i was quite full!

I was stuck in the jam for an hour. i reached 16 minutes late, my lecturer was half hour late =.=”

BPC was ok. revision revision, exam is nigh too!!

Lunch was with Pik San.

We went to the new Murni branch in Aman Suria with hopes of soft shell crab.

Those hopes went down the drain cos we don’t know why they took it off the menu. so sad. I WAS so disappointed. And there was such a communication barrier between us and the waiter! lol

Anyway, so i got my fav 3 layer Tea, which is quite reasonably priced here.


And delish too, but i forgot to ask for Kurang Manis!

Pik San ordered the famous Roti Hawaii-RM5

roti hawaii

It reminds me of murtabak. Pretty much stuffed Roti Canai with toppings of a Hawaiian Pizza-minced meat, pineapple.. i’m not sure if there’s cheese.. is there, pik san?

Topped with a whole lotta mayo, but eaten pure malaysian style-curry and ketchup on the side!

I took awhile to decide what to eat, ended up with mushroom omelette and fries.. fries was ordered without the thought that mushroom omelette would come with fries.


Mushroom omelette was alright. quite alot of mushroom. With the fries, it’s quite worth the RM3.50.

The side of fries was RM3. Was quite nice and better standard than i expected. I would’ve expected crinkle cut or something not as authentic. Though i doubt they’re fresh-cut, i like it cost it’s thick cut and freshly fried.

Verdict: I’m sad for no soft shell crab, but delighted with fries and teh c! The ambience was much better than the SS2 branch as it’s not too crowded and it looks VERY clean!

Food: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10 *

* Slow with the second order.

Murni SS2 (Branch-Aman Suria)

We were late for class cos my food came late.. IB was case studies as usual. i seriously don’t know how we’re gonna come up with a 1 and half page answer when the outline is so darn short!

Anyway, came home, watched tv. I don’t know how i dilly dallied until 6.. was watching CSI.. sigh.. not good! MUST study-and yet, i’m blogging.

Dinner was at Shiang Hee..

I suggested that over a Yong Tao Fu shop cos it would not be worth eating Tai Chao at a Yong Tau fu shop.


Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with garlic. Normally, the leaves are young, but this time around, it was “middle age”. I say that cos the stems were crunchy, but still biteable. Love the huge garlic cloves! RM5


Thai Style Tofu-RM6. The tofu was exceptionally fresh today. Grampa however couldn’t stand the spicyness this time around.

But could stand this.


Stir-fried brinjal with belachan RM6. a first at Shiang hee for us. And there will be many more times of this to come. so delish and appetising. LOVE the belachan (shrimp paste) flavour. And not overly spicy.

Gramma settled upon a Pork Leg Vinegar.


I had some of the lean meat, but i didn’t really like the sourness and the pork. Grandma did though. RM10. Quite worth it though it supposedly is a one-person portion. quite alot.

Shiang Hee has satisfied our tum tums once again!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 8/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 | Service: 7.5/10



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