Silent Treatment Sucks

I hate it when he’s giving me the silent treatment. It’s like he can’t even be in the same room as me. At least when i give him the silent treatment, i CAN be in the same room with him.

I could tell he was quite emo when thinking of what to have for bfast. After that he went to sleep.

I did some studying, watching tv, surfing etc until threeish..

That’s when i had my late lunch-Go intuitive eating-though i did have some nuts when i went downstairs once….or twice.

Lunch wasn’t even proper.


One honey maid and a couple of Wheat Thins. 

But what cheered me up was when Grampa called telling me Mat Tou Yau was around!


He brought home for me. Thanks Grampa. And i was ever so delighted because there was abundance of “liu” !

Soon, dear finally woke up. came down to make something to eat. Still not talking to me, i went upstairs. Lied on the bed. Cried awhile.

When he finished eating, he came up, came into the room, didn’t even touch me.

Went to the other room to pray, read the bible..

Came in only to ask if i was going to church.

When we left, it was like he didn’t care anymore. He walked out of the house without waiting. It’s just so different.

When i entered the car, i saw Sam’s message all the way from Aus on my phone. I cried instantly. I don’t know why. I guess i haven’t felt any concern from him the whole day, so much so when my best friend, Sam, smsed, it just made my day much better. Thanks Sam. Miss ya so much!

Anyway, on the way to church, though he noticed i was sad, he didn’t even talk.

After mass, he talked. And he made it look like the fight never happened. =.=

I’m like, what?? I didn’t want to question him.

Anyway, since this IS a food blog, i shall mention what i ate in the midst of everything.

We went to Ming Tien, though that wasn’t my choice of place.


I bought this “Crispy shortcake” from the Pasar Malam at Taman Megah. Don’t ask me why it’s a shortcake though. lol.

RM2, a rojak style keropok with satay sauce (you can choose salad sauce too) with peanuts and fried onions (other toppings of choice were chicken floss, and fish floss).

Was quite nice. Quite alot of peanuts,slightly spicy. My only complaint is that the way they pack it is not so conventional. The peanuts and sauce get on to the tissue. And you feel it’s wasted. Plus i think the tissue is not necessary anyway.

After dinner, dear said to go to the pet shop nearby. I love seeing pets. And i saw an ADORABLE beagle.. 3 in fact. RM1680.. sigh….

Bought a Christmas present for Max! A baseball shaped raw hide.

Came home. Had some more food since dinner was light.

An orange, some nuts and Kuaci (sunflower seed).

Right before sleeping, i asked if he was still angry, he said no. Did try to comfort me cos i was in tears (i’m beginning to realise i’m making myself sound like a cry baby. but i AM emotional).

Anyway, i still feel that he hasn’t forgiven me. Should he even be the one forgiving me? or me forgiving him? Clearly, he doesn’t think he’s wrong AT ALL.


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