Pumpkin bread

Woke up, sent dear of to work. he still has that serious/stressed out face on.

My first go at oatmeal, and he was my guinea pig. i didn’t try any but he said it was ok, the same goes to everything else.

Anyways, after he left, i decided to have MY breakfast since i had to stay up to update the blog.

I realise if i was as committed to studies as my blog, i would have no problem rushing to study.


Breakfast was a Pumpkin bread bought from Bakers’ inn in Kota Damansara. I love this bakery cos it has alot of healthy bread and my fav low gi bread.

I tried this pumpkin bread today. ok.. not whole lotta pumpkin flavour. i think it has pumpkin seeds. But when toasted, it’s wonderful. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside.

I spread on some of my “Yan Yan” leftover chocolate dip. hehe.

And had me a coffee while piggie was hungry for my breakkie..

And some nuts.

Going to run.. in 10 mins?


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