Moon Steamboat

K Time Twist for breakfast. And a “cappuccino” during brekkie at Fu Shan Coffeeshop near my house. Dear was sick of Old Town, so we skipped it.

He sent me to college. Now, i just get the feeling he loves me less? I don’t know whether i’m thinking too much or just imagining.

Anyway, class was great cos i got to rant out to Pik San. Thanks for being so patient and listening to the crap though i know it’s not something everyone would want to hear.

Mommy Sam, wish you were here..

Anyway, IB was ok, it was a revision class..

AFA was our last class!! Exam on the 7 or 8 of Jan! So screwed cos there’s so much theory. The reason i took Accounting and Finance was so that i wouldn’t have much theory to bury my head in, but turns out, i was so wrong!

Anyway, lunch was with dear. Though i was so tempted to tell him to go to the new Murni mamak in Aman Suria, he immediately decided to go to Sunway Damansara without asking me. Sigh. He did ask me, only upon reaching Sunway Damansara. Oh well.

We went to Neighbourhood coffee shop for lunch (late)


I settled on some vegetarian food. MAybe i should stop vegetarian mixed rice cos it’s VERY oily. I chose two types of brinjals, one type fried with fake luncheon meat (which really tasted like luncheon meat), and the other on its own.

The other one is some form of sweet and sour meat. Nothing wonderful.

Went to service dear’s car.. RM150 hole in dear’s wallet.

Went for daily mass..

Dear wanted to try some korean steamboat but we didn’t really know any good place, so we ended up at Moon Steamboat in SS2.

Mostly cos the lady told us that there was a 50% promo on the Happy family set which normally cos RM65.50.


Dear got a Sea Coconut with Red Date drink (RM4.50 or RM4.. can’t remember)


You get your own personal “pots” which is cool.. i chose drunken herbal soup..


They use an electrical stove. which makes it much safer.

They had a “tub” of fried onions on the table for you. With oil though.. but i requested for more without oil! It was heaven for me! hehe


Ok, to tell you the truth, i think it was 50% off cos the fish wasn’t fresh, and the crab wasn’t fresh, so they had to get rid of it. Cos they really weren’t fresh.

The fish eye is red. not good. but what was bad was the crab which had a fishy smell.

Everything else was fine. The mushrooms were cute and nice. hehe. mussels and lala not too bad.. This set is supposedly for 2 adults and 2 children. I think it’s ok for 2 adults cos not much noodles were given. Only a portion of mihun.

Some other stuff: Seafood Tofu, white tofu, vege..

My soup was too herbalish for my liking. But at the end, it was wonderful cos after cooking everythin, the soup becomes sweet. Plus i added lots of garlic and fried onions!

Overall, it was ok, but disappointing with the freshness of the fish and crab. I would only come back if there was a 50 % off. plus, i think Yuen is more worth it. Yuen is RM20 ish, and buffet. The bill here came up to RM40.

Food: 6.5/10 | Price: 7/10 * | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 6.5/10

*If there was no discount, it would not be worth it, at all.

Moon Steamboat Restaurant Sdn Bhd: No 23 G, Jalan SS2/67, PJ, 47300, Selangor Tel: 03 78774903/04

Next door to King’s Confectionery.

We came home, and i had two prunes and a couple of nuts. Gosh, i feel like i’m eating non-stop.

I still feel dear is not normal. lol. He says he’s stressed about his family problems. sigh. i guess i should be a good and supportive girlfriend then.



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