Fought, fight, still fighting

After arguing yesterday, we argued last night. he slammed the phone. argued through sms. he came. no talk. now it’s silent treatment.

Fine by me!

Anyway, i don’t want to bore you about my love life.

Pre workout was same as yesterday..

Coffee. but this time the Nescafe Mild 3 in 1.. plus a Kashi Trail Mix TLC

Worked out.. the usual.. but i wasn’t in the mood.

I actually waited for him to have breakfast together. Heated up my oatmeal, then he smsed to say he was on the way. so i thought, ok, i’ll wait to have my oats.

but looks like he couldn’t even sit at the same table with me. so he ate biscuits while i had my oatmeal.

I was out of yoghurt.. so i mixed 1/4cup of Cranberry jelly, 1/4 cup soy milk, 1/4 oats.

it actually worked!


Overnight oats! hehe.

Honey stars and nuts were placed on top. now i’m beginning to feel that you lose the flavour of the nuts if eaten with oats. Of course, i had it with a tsp of Melrose ABC spread.

I’m off to read IB. it sucks. i know. but i have no choice. even though i’m not in the mood.

P/S: some emotional eating was conducted. nuts + handful of honey stars. i’m happy.


2 thoughts on “Fought, fight, still fighting

  1. aww sorry you and your hub are fighting! =( silent treatment sucks. talk it out.

    sorry i took a class on peace studies….

    i want some honey stars?!

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