Preworkout, postworkout, postchore


Preworkout snack was had at an early 7am! Woke up early so i could fit my workout in before Akak Jean comes..


Coffee has become a NECESSITY for me when waking up to workout, when waking up. sigh.. also half a KAshi Chewy TLC Trail mix. yum..

Workout was the usual of run, lunges, situps weights..

And i can’t believe i’ve to do them tomorrow, a Sunday cos i’ve no time to workout on Monday.

Postworkout Snack Breakfast

Postworkout.. was breakfast.

Chatted with Akak about movies and stuff while brekkie. she’s depressed about Full Moon. I’ve yet to watch, so i don’t know.


Cranberry-boysenberry overnight oats.

1/4 cup oats, 1/4 soy milk, 1/4  cup boysenberry yoghurt, a dollop of cranberry jelly from the tin (S&W)

This morning, some honey stars, flax, and a kuih bahulu Akak Jean brought. coffee flavoured.. all eaten with coated spoon(s) of Melrose ABC spread.

Watched TV abit, chatted, read papers.. den chores time..

Managed to mop the floor and clean my toilet.. plus wash a bag!

Postchore snack

I had the other half of my orange from yesterdat, and some nuts i JUST baked!


And maybe 5/6 wheat thins?

Dear worked last night, is working tonight, and is OT-ing tomorrow night. This SUCKS!


I’m off to lunch.. Soon..




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